Be Silly. Be Honest. Be Kind.

I'm a coach for creative business owners in the fiber world. I love asking hard questions, good wool and kindness.


I support creative business owners like you.


My Patreon team gets a monthly Creative Boss Tutorial Video packed to the brim with tips and tricks on how to deal with a business-related topic you choose, such as

  • How to set up and grow an email list
  • How to track your income and expenses
  • How to plan out your week

1on1 Coaching

My 1on1 clients get a full-on tailored coaching experience with monthly calls and unlimited email support. I work best with creative business owners who've had their company for at least a year, are willing to put in quite a bit of hard work and have a good laugh on the way!

We'll tackle every topic that helps you feel happy and fulfilled with your company - after all, that's why we started our own companies, right?


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The creative boss newsletter is a bi-weekly email filled with inspirational articles, feminism and fiber industry news.


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