You love creating - be it knitwear designs, handmade pouches, yarn or e-courses to teach people how to sew.

You're building your own business, just the way you want to.

You work hard, you take care of yourself and you love living your life on your own terms - in short, you're a creative boss.

But, let's face it - sometimes being a creative boss is damn hard.

Maybe you're in doubt whether your business will ever be able to sustain you. Or you feel overwhelmed (and a tiny bit jealous) by the Instagram success your best friend has. Or you think you've entirely run out of ideas and feel empty inside. 

I know how you feel because I've been there. There's a way through - and I've made it my mission to find it with you.


You want to start your own creative business or you'd like to grow your existing one mindfully with a little bit of help (and a kick in the b*** if needed)? Then my Creative Boss Class is right for you - a 5 email & 1 coaching call course designed to fit in with your maker schedule! The next class starts in May 2017, and you can sign up for access to early bird pricing now!

Creative Boss CONSULTING

You'd rather embark on a deep dive project with me? No problem - I love helping other creative bosses grow their business! My passions (and talents) are idea and strategy sparringmarketing planningbrand voice and content creation. Click through to see which 1-on-1 consulting projects I offer for creative bosses and schedule your free 15 min Exploration Call now!


I'm Hanna Lisa, ex-COO turned creative business owner, living in Berlin and my ideal day would be spent outside, with a good cup of coffee, my partner and best friend, and my knitting.

After leaving the startup world, I decided I wanted to embark on a creative adventure without any idea where it would lead me. I called this #thejourney (you can read a bit more about that here).

It's led me back to two of my many passions - creating something with my own hands and coaching others. I base all of my creative boss consulting and coaching advice on things I've actually tried, experimented with, failed, tried again, succeeded.

I wouldn't feel comfortable offering support to creative bosses without actually being one. I own two labels for handmade products - #ihavemyshittogether and #hannaontheroad / @hannaontheroad - and co-own Beyond Bias where we offer sewing kits based on our own patterns.