Who i am

I'm Hanna Lisa Haferkamp, passionate knitter, book worm and sunshine lover. I used to be a COO of a Berlin-based tech company, and then I decided to change my life. 

This is when I started what I call #thejourney - my journey to figuring out what I want to do with my life and how I can change the world. I started writing about it in November 2015 because I wanted a way of documenting the changes that were happening.

I also felt that a lot of people are thinking about taking a similar leap, but no one talks about it openly and honestly (meaning - also sharing the bad days). Nowadays, I run three businesses: a label for hand-made knitting project bags, Creative Boss Coaching for creative business owners, and Making Stories, an independent knitwear publishing company I co-founded with my friend Verena Cohrs.


My principles

I firmly believe in walking the talk - aka I'm never going to share any advice without having tested and tried it before. This is why I started my own creative business - making and selling products handmade with a lot of love and a couple of swear words in Berlin. 

I'm 100% me and I'm never going to hide it. I value authenticity and awareness of who you are, what you know, and, maybe most importantly, what you still need to learn.

I'm indefinitely curious, and try to always stay open for new ideas (although, let's face it, if you tried to tell me that combining pink and orange would be a good idea for your brand voice, I'd tell you no). 

I'm a big fan of gentle honesty. Honest, open feedback, transported in a way that does not hurt is super valuable - and I always try to be careful of the last part. Nothing is worse than someone accidentally (or by intention) stepping on your dreams.

I'd love to hear from you!

I don't like networking, but I love coffee. If you want to meet up, collaborate or work with me, or just have a question, write me a message!