What to do when you're feeling anxious: A crowd-sourced list of awesome ideas.

These past weeks I haven't felt like myself. I felt anxious and insecure and spread too thin, I took things too easily too personally, was on the verge of tears at the smallest challenge and snapped at every. single. person. I love.

The really bad thing about all of that? None of my usual "get me back to myself" measures helped, and I felt the dark cloud coming closer and closer. So I resorted to a cry for help to our community on Instagram and asked you what you do when you feel like that. Over the course of the next few hours, an incredible amount of amazing ideas landed in my Instagram inbox.

Today, I'd love to share them with you.

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hannaontheroad Podcast Shownotes Episode 38: It's Summer!

Welcome to episode 38 of the hannaontheroad podcast! It's another short episode where we're talking about ...

  • ... finishing the Stonethwaite Sweater.

  • ... unearthing a long lost WIP, the Peony Top.

  • ... the Soft & Strong Socks that are now available for purchase.

  • ... the launch of our summer collection on June 26, 7pm CEST.

  • ... why you need to figure out how much you actually pay for your Etsy shop.

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Etsy Fees: How to figure out what you really pay for your Etsy shop

Hello lovelies! In the light of Etsy updating their seller transaction fee from 3.5% to 5% and a few questions I received over Instagram about this, I decided to write a quick post showing you how to figure out how much you're really paying for your Etsy shop.

(If you're interested in my reasons for moving away from Etsy (which I did in March and haven't regretted a single second), go check out this post: "Why I moved away from Etsy.")

So! Here's the complete run-down of the four types of fees Etsy is charging you for your shop:

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hannaontheroad Podcast Shownotes Episode 36: Iced Coffee to the Rescue!

Welcome to episode 36 of the hannaontheroad podcast! Today is all about drinking heaps of iced coffee to stay awake in the sweltering heat of Berlin as well as ...

  • ... showing you my finished Hay Sweater!

  • ... sharing a new cast on, the Stonethwaite sweater.

  • ... talking about a new favorite yarn, Mendip,

  • ... announcing the launch date for my new collaboration with Oysters and Purls.

  • ... taking a glimpse at a book I read and loved.

  • ... and chatting about why I decided to split my Instagram up in two.

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Book Review: Folk Fashion - Understanding Homemade Clothes

Hello lovelies! Today I'm back with a short and sweet review of a book I finished earlier this week: Folk Fashion - Understanding Homemade Clothes by Amy Twigger Holroyd. I've had the book on my radar for a while and finally purchased it at Ysolda's booth when I was visiting the Edinburgh Yarn Festival in March.

"Folk Fashion" explores the role and importance making your own clothes can play in our lives and in our society as a whole. "Folk fashion" in itself is defined as "the making and mending of garments for ourselves, family and friends; the items these activities produce; and the wearing of those clothes once they are made."

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Untouchable Days - Update I

Hello lovelies! A couple of weeks ago I talked about starting a new experiment, the Untouchable Days.

Today I'm back with a quick update on how it's going and a big, big encouragement for you to try them as well - because, spoiler alert, I absolutely love them.

A quick recap: I now schedule an Untouchable Day once per week - a day where I'm not checking emails, not using my phone for Whatsapp, calls and Social Media, and where I'm not available for meetings.

Let's take a quick look at a few aspects essential to the Untouchable Day concept and see how I fared with them so far!

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hannaontheroad Podcast Shownotes Episode 34: Un-Caffeinated & Q&A Part II

Welcome to episode 34 of the hannaontheroad podcast! Today I'm tackling the second half of the questions from the 1k subscriber giveaway thread - all of the ones related to running a creative business! - as well as...

  • ... welcome the wonderful new Patron who joined us since last episode!
  • ... share a few glimpses of current design WIPs.
  • ... show you the additions I've made to my yarn stash when I was in SF.
  • ... and talk about the last color to be added to the Spring Collection.
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