hannaontheroad Podcast Shownotes Episode 21: Mountains & sunburn!

Today I have a very special episode for you, recorded straight in the mountains of the Dolomites! I'm spending a few days with family and friends here on wonderful hikes, long stretches of reading and getting sunburnt. In episode 21, I'm announcing the winners of the #LinenKAL, opening another giveaway, share four knitting projects with you and dive deeper into how I organize my business.

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How to Use Asana to Manage Your Knitwear Design Projects

Do you always under/over-estimate the time it takes to design a knitting pattern? This is the position I found myself in as a new designer.

I had so many ideas on what I wanted to create, but I wasn’t sure how long it would take to get them out there. It meant that I wasn’t publishing many designs and when I was publishing them, they weren’t necessarily on the dates I had hoped to do it.

That’s why I started using Asana to manage my design projects.

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My Month in Review: August 2017

It's September, friends! Whoa, THAT was fast. Time to take a look at August and see what happened - spoiler alert: some good and some ugly...


  • Sell all 30 collaboration kits for the Et Cetera Sock Kit

  • Finish & send off the special collection of project bags for Olann

  • Finish & send off another special collaboration

  • Get 10 sign ups for my Instagram Mini-Class

  • Get 3 new Patrons

  • RELAX on vacation
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On feeling overwhelmed.

Hello friends! I'm back! A few of you might have wondered what happened after my week of vacation as I didn't post anything last week - and I've also been less active on Instagram than usual. Don't worry, everything is good - it's just A LOT of work at the moment.

Last week was, frankly speaking, completely overwhelming and exhausting. I've always been a hard worker, but this, this took the crown of "weeks with not enough sleep and too many hours in front of a laptop and BRAIN IS FRIED" with a long shot. 

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My Month in Review: July 2017

Another month is over and we're already a few days into August! Time to talk about July. July was good and bad - both professionally and personally, and it was also exhausting. This might be my endless to do list speaking, but I'm really looking forward to a little bit of vacation in the middle of this month!

But! Let's not fret, let's instead talk about what happened in July!

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How to run a creative business while having a day job: Julie Romano from Sweet Sparrow Yarns

The last interview is something special! I wanted to include one creative business owner that recently took the leap from a day job to working full-time on their business. Meet Julie, the lovely soul behind NYC-based Sweet Sparrow Yarns - and make sure to read until the very end because Julie has two amazing tips for everyone who runs a creative business.

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Quick tip: How to reach out to someone for ... anything.

In the last few weeks, I've had a couple of clients ask me for advice how to approach someone you'd like to work or collaborate with who you haven't been in touch with before. I thought it might be handy to put together a quick blog post on how I usually do this. Reaching out to someone can be scary, I know, but in 99% of cases it's totally worth getting over that fear!

The following approach can be applied to pretty much any outreach situation - contacting a podcaster you'd like to send your products for a review, a magazine you pitch an article to, a wholesaler you'd like to carry your yarns. 

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