My favorite Instagram accounts.

In one of my last posts I shared four ways to stay inspired as a freelancer (read it here). There’s a fifth one that I’ve taken to quite recently (about a year ago or so), and that’s Instagram.

Especially when you’re into physical objects, crafting, or seeing powerful women grow their businesses, you can find endless inspiration on Instagram. It’s a lovely way for me to relax, and great to connect with people in Berlin and all over the world.

Today, I’d like to share a couple of my favorite IG accounts to follow:

Have Company & Personal Practice: Marlee is a special soul and I’d love to go to Grand Rapids one day to meet her in person. She owns a small shop (selling yarn, among other things ;)) and is a dancer. On Personal Practice, she shares a 15 sec video every day of her dance practice - and it is SO GOOD.

Amanda Sandlin: Amanda is an artist currently living in NZ. She shares her work, her travels and her joys and struggles as an artist on her Instagram feed. I love to see what she creates, and she writes beautiful stories about the successes and self-doubt of being an artist.

Aroha Knits: Francoise is not only a great knitting designer, but she’s a special force in the knitting community as she works tirelessly to create a tight-knit group of fibre business owners. She always has great advice for creative business owners and just opened up aFacebook group to connect like-minded creative business owners.

Jim Kroft & Bastian Fischer Photographer: Special shoutout to these two! They’re currently doing a journey from Lesvos working their way back to Germany on refugee routes in a yellow campervan and share their stories. It’s a bit like Humans of NY, just a lot more current, and I can’t wait to see where their journey will take them.

Stationcdrkelly: Ohhhh, space. Dr. Kelly is living on the ISS for an entire  year - and he posts beautiful pictures of our earth. If you need a reminder how precious our planet is, go look at his feed immediately.

Liz Prueitt Tartine: When I was in SF in September, I had the best chocolate cake of my life at Tartine Bakery (and for the ones who know me you know that means something ;)). Quite recently, I discovered the personal IG feed of Liz Prueitt who shares some of the things she makes for Tartine, but mostly things she makes for herself - beautiful pictures and spot on food! 

Tell me - what are your favorite IG accounts? Would love to discover some new ones! 

P.S.: If you're not following me on Instagram yet, do it now! You find me as @hannaontheroad - I'm sharing snippets of my life as a business owner and knitter :)