The 12 best newsletters I’ve found in 2015

I’ve had a really interesting conversation recently with two friends who asked me how I manage to keep up with the mass of new content that’s out there - aka how do I find interesting stuff to read online without going down a rabbit hole of different blogs for three hours.

My secret: newsletters. In the last year, I’ve found a couple of really great ones that share well curated content in different areas. Before that, I used to keep up with my favorite blogs, but as the number of blogs kept increasing and increasing, I found myself looking into less and less.

I thought it might be helpful to share my current favorite newsletters - some of them are daily, some weekly, some random; some related to business topics, others to feminism, again others to culture. All of them are very interesting and I encourage you to look into them! 

I’d be curious to hear which ones you liked (and which ones you didn’t) and if you have a favorite newsletter that’s not included here, please do share it below in the comments section!


  • NextDraft: —> Daily, very interesting for keeping an eye on the US-American perspective on news reporting and includes good in depth journalist stories. 
  • theSkimm: —> Daily, short overview of political / international / bizarre news of the last day. Fun to read and bonus points for being an all-female founders team! 

Women in Business & Feminism:

  • Lennyletter: —> Weekly (or so), the brainchild of Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner features only original content. It has hands down some of the BEST interviews with the most inspiring women I’ve read in the last year. 
  • The Broadsheet: —> Daily, the Fortune-owned newsletter features the newest stories about women in business and studies on gender equality. 

Culture & Opinion:

  • Austin Kleon: —> Weekly, great newsletter by a great artist. Includes his own art, book reviews, music reviews, random findings, and is all around awesome. 
  • Metafoundry (Deb Chachra): —> Random, amazing mixture of opinions, technology, materials science, design, and social justice. Very, very smart. 
  • The Crowd (Sean Bonner): —> Random, very strong opinion, commenting on everything from current politics to climate change. Not afraid to be controversial, and very clever. 


  • Farnam Street: —> Weekly, great roundup of the best posts of the blog and good reads from other sites. Focuses on decision making theory and practice and includes a healthy dose of reading and book reviews. 


  • Mattermark Daily: —> Daily (with a weekend best of 10 posts email), a must read for everyone in the SaaS world. Includes articles published both by VCs and by founders. This one alone killed for business blogs for me. 
  • StrictlyVC: —> Daily, overview of the latest funding rounds and funds raised. Great for keeping an eye on what goes on in the VC world across the globe. 
  • First Round Review: —> Weekly (or so), this one makes this list even though technically it’s a blog post notification as the blog content is just. so. damn. good. Great in depth articles on leadership and interesting insights into cultures of different companies. 


  • 99U Weekly: —> Weekly, great roundup of the best own blog posts and articles across the world focusing on creativity and design. Very interesting interviews and good guest posts of artists, makers and your non-typical entrepreneurs. 

I hope this inspires you to keep reading! I know it seems like a lot of mediocre content is pushed out there every single day (truthfully, it is!), but trust me, there’s still great content that you just have to find.

I find these newsletters (and the people behind them) do an amazing job of curating and helping me find these gems of content. Check them out and let me know below what you think!