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How to run a creative business while having a day job: Julie Romano from Sweet Sparrow Yarns

The last interview is something special! I wanted to include one creative business owner that recently took the leap from a day job to working full-time on their business. Meet Julie, the lovely soul behind NYC-based Sweet Sparrow Yarns - and make sure to read until the very end because Julie has two amazing tips for everyone who runs a creative business.

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How to run a creative business while having a day job: Danielle from Raxor Yarns

For the fourth interview in this blog series on how to run a creative business while working a day job, I had the pleasure of talking to Danielle from the indie yarn company Raxor Yarns!

Here's how Danielle describes herself: "Hi, I'm Danielle from Raxor Yarns & Fibres. I'm based in Melbourne, Australia, and love everything fluffy and yarn-related. And sparkles. And unicorns!"

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How to run a creative business while having a day job: Saskia Maas from Ovis et cetera

I am thrilled to be welcoming my friend Saskia, the wonderful dyer behind Ovis et cetera, for our third interview of the series. Saskia dyes the most striking colours on her (mostly) Dutch, non-superwash bases and has a full-time day job to boot as well. 

I loved Saskia's honest, refreshing take on how her day job allows her to figure out how to run a creative business - and I hope you'll love it too!

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How to run a creative business while having a day job: Stephanie Win from Ruataniwha Dye Studio

The guest for today's second interview is Steph Win, the dyer behind Ruataniwha Dye Studio. I enjoyed her interview immensely, not the least because Steph has a refreshing take on what her business should do for her (spoiler alert: it's not about the money!) and I loved learning about how her scientific work informs her dyeing and vice versa.

Here's Steph about herself and her work:

Ruataniwha Dye Studio is a small, indie yarn-dyeing company; here we find respite from all of life’s bustle in the immersive world of colour and fibre. We dye sustainably produced, traceable wool or wool-blend yarns from New Zealand or the UK with the utmost scientific rigour.

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How to run a creative business while having a day job: Sophia Wiik from Stichfest

Hello and welcome to a new Creative Boss Interview series! I'm so excited to be talking to other creative business owners again - and this topic is super special! It's something I know a lot of you are interested in, but where I can't really speak from experience so I decided to ask people who are doing a damn good job at it: How to run a creative business while having a day job.

First up is Sophia Wiik, the owner of Stichfest, her blog and e-LYS ("local yarn store"). I loved her interview not only because of the super interesting combination of very female- and very male-driven industries she works in, but also because of her wonderful advice on knowing your worth.

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Creative Boss Interview: How natural dyeing genius Jule (from Hey Mama Wolf Yarns) decides what to post about on IG - and what not - and how she uses it for her creative business

As the last interview in my current Creative Boss Interview series that's all about Instagram we have a very special guest today! Jule Kebelmann, the wonderful dyer behind one of my all time favourite yarn companies Hey Mama Wolf, joins us to talk about how to decide what to post about on IG - and what not! - and what she did with her Instagram profile when she had to close her shop temporarily last year when she and her family moved. 

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Creative Boss Interview: Engagement is key - how Natural Dyer Rebecca Desnos uses Instagram to share her work and stay inspired

Welcome to the fifth interview in my Creative Boss Instagram Interview series! Today I have a guest for you whose organic, plant-filled Instagram keeps me inspired to no end.

Rebecca Desnos is a natural dyer who produces the most gorgeous shades of fabric and yarn with plants that she collects. Her Instagram is one of the most imaginative and versatile I've come across in a while - and she still manages to make it look cohesive which is extremely impressive.

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Creative Boss Interview: Be yourself and find your people - Megan from Wool days shares her Instagram learnings

Welcome to the fourth interview in my Creative Boss Instagram Interview series - and it's a very, very good one! We are taking it back to the people who make all our creative fibre arts possible - the yarn producers.

Wool days is a very special Australia-based yarn brand that took the knitting world by storm when they launched last year. I was incredibly thrilled that Megan - the warm, loving soul who runs Wool days with her partner - agreed to this Instagram interview because I LOVED how they used Instagram (@wooldays) as a channel to connect with the knitting community long before their launch. 

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Creative Boss Interview: How Frenchie (@arohaknits) constantly evolves her Instagram - and got to >23k followers.

For the third installment in the Creative Boss Instagram Interview series I was thrilled to partner up with Francoise (Frenchie) Danoy, knitwear designer and design coach extraordinaire!

If you are working in the fiber community chances are very high that you've already heard of Frenchie (or @arohaknits). She's not only putting out beautiful patterns at an amazing speed, but is also constantly pushing boundaries in terms of experimenting with new products (think beta pattern releases) and transparency in the fiber world.

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