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Book Review: Folk Fashion - Understanding Homemade Clothes

Hello lovelies! Today I'm back with a short and sweet review of a book I finished earlier this week: Folk Fashion - Understanding Homemade Clothes by Amy Twigger Holroyd. I've had the book on my radar for a while and finally purchased it at Ysolda's booth when I was visiting the Edinburgh Yarn Festival in March.

"Folk Fashion" explores the role and importance making your own clothes can play in our lives and in our society as a whole. "Folk fashion" in itself is defined as "the making and mending of garments for ourselves, family and friends; the items these activities produce; and the wearing of those clothes once they are made."

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Why it's a good idea to curl up with a book.

If you've been following me for a while, you know that I love books. I've always been a book worm - rumor has it that I can't even remember not being able to read - and I've found a lot of comfort and delight this year in (re)discovering new and old favorites.

Getting lost in a book is especially appealing if you're in the Northern hemisphere like me and the days get shorter, the light gets greyer and the rain showers appear more frequently in front of your windows. It's an excellent - and cheap, if you're a devoted library goer - way to shut out the world, but it's also wonderful to get inspired, process your emotions and thoughts, and realize that there are other, greater, problems out there in the world than a few seams being wonky or a shipment of fabric getting lost. 

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We must risk delight.

In my last newsletter, I shared a poem I came across via the ever-inspiring Jen Hewett, a printmaker and textile artist based in San Francisco. I believe the first time Jen shared it in her newsletter (which I can only highly recommend!) was shortly after last year's US election, and then she re-posted it a few weeks ago.

It stuck with me, and after getting a few emails and messages from lovely people who read it in my newsletter and thanked me for it, I wanted to share it here as well.

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I've been thinking a lot about seasons lately. Maybe that's because the shifts from winter to spring, from spring to summer, from summer to fall seem to come faster and faster with every year, and I find myself at the end of summer wondering how it can be that it's already over. Maybe it's because I've been thinking and doing a lot of tilting - prioritizing work over other things, and slowly tilting back into a more balanced division of my days into work and play.

I strongly believe that there are seasons in life - busy seasons, and messy seasons, and grief seasons, playful seasons and wonderful, joyful seasons, and "I'm so happy I could scream" seasons, too.

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My favorite books for feminist creative business owners (Ed. 1)

Reading was one of my first loves, and it will always be where I get a lot of my inspiration from. I’ve put together a short list of my favourite books for Creative Bosses - some feminist literature, some business literature, some biographies, some I read last year, others in the years before - and I hope it inspires you to go to your library, pick one (or two, or all) of them up and plan in some down-time just for you and your book! 

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The 3 books that inspired me to not go back to a full-time job.

Sometimes we need a little nudge to help us get from where we’re comfortable to where we need to go to grow. For me, this journey was to make the conscious decision to not go back into a full-time employee position, but to start my own business. 

The nudge? Well, in addition to this little nagging voice in my head, the nudge also came from books. Maybe not surprising (I love reading, after all), but I realized that there are three books that helped me and inspired me to really take that leap. 

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My top three podcasts.

Today’s blog post is brought to you from a hotel room in London - which is why I will keep it short and sweet because I want to get out and EXPLORE! 

I started listening to podcasts last year after discovering a couple of recommendations on Instagram. At about the same time, I decided I was going to walk more - everywhere I could get to in 20 to 30 minutes, I would walk. Boom, perfect combination!

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