Behind the Scenes: From general Creative Boss Class to our new Instagram Mini-Class!

If you've been following my journey as a creative business coach for a while, you might remember that I launched a Creative Boss Class last year - an intense 3 months program tackling every single aspect of launching and growing a creative business, from branding to social media to selling. I did a successful beta test of that class, launched it a few months later and had okay signups, but it was far from going through the roof (and, to be very honest, far from what I had expected).

After a pretty intense first Christmas season with my project bag business, I decided to hit pause for the Creative Boss Class and get back to it with a full plan of revamps and exciting new topics in the spring so that I could launch a second version of it in summer.

Only... spring came, and I kept pushing working on the Class back. And back. And back. And then, in the middle of the #getshitdonechallenge, it hit me: I should maybe take a good hard look at it and practice what I preach: If you keep pushing projects back, there's a reason for it. And for me, the reason was that I just didn't want to offer the Class anymore. What I love about coaching is the direct 1on1 work with clients, the interaction that we get and the inspiring calls that we have. I didn't want to put out a class that didn't have anything of that.

I also felt like I wanted to focus more on what I know I can do best - connect with creative business owners, helping them set goals and follow through with them. There are a lot of aspects in running a creative business where I'm also still learning, but helping someone get their shit done? I got that covered.

Couple that with my obsession for Instagram and running experiments and finding your voice and growing your audience, and it suddenly hit me: Why not do a Mini-Class - a class that is focused both in terms of topic and in terms of how many people can participate, so that I could really help every single one make progress in a short amount of time?

This is how the newest addition to the Creative Boss products came to be: The Instagram Mini-Class. In this 8 week class I will help you figure out how to make your Instagram profile stand out from the crowd.

Particularly, I help you to find your voice (both in photos and in writing), grow your followers and convert them into customers. Those are the three essential things you need to have covered when you market your creative business on Instagram! 

The Instagram Mini-Class includes 

  • A review (incl. PDF summary) of your Instagram account by yours truly
  • 3 educational and entertaining videos: #1 - Getting the basics right, #2 - Growing your audience, #3 - Converting your audience into customers
  • 4 bi-weekly group calls to set goals, and make sure you follow up on them so that you see results in the 8 weeks we have together!

Now, here's the deal: I think this is awesome. But! It doesn't really matter what I think, it matters what YOU think. This is why I'm BETA testing the Instagram Mini-Class - with a first group of students who are willing to give me feedback and rip the class apart if need be to help me make it better.

Would be interested in joining my BETA squad? I'd love to have you on board!

In addition to exclusive access to this super new addition to the Creative Boss product portfolio you also get a mega special BETA price. Head over to the sign up page for ALL the details - and to sign up, of course! 

Image Credits: Jill Marie Photography