How Rochelle used the Get Shit Done Challenge to launch her fabulous Portable Yarn Bowls!

Hello friends! As you might have seen, the second round of the Get Shit Done Challenge is about to start - and I thought I'd start sharing a few of the stories from the first round! When I first saw the beautiful yarn bowls Rochelle from the Home Row Fiber Co made, I gasped. Literally. Just look at them! And when I found out that the first round of the Get Shit Done Challenge was instrumental in her launching them, I couldn't resist - I had to ask her to write about her experience.

I hope you like her story - and if you're as inspired as I am by it, come join us for the second round!

Before the Get Shit Done Challenge I had recently launched Home Row Fiber Co. I was living at my mom's house, with plans to move out in the summer but not knowing if I could afford it, and I was doing my best to design digital sewing and knitting patterns with not much success. I'd been battling tendinitis for years and was starting to come to terms with the fact that my time spent on the computer was my biggest trigger for my Repetitive Stress Injuries, and I was doing an awful lot of computer work trying to crank out new patterns. I was struggling in so many ways. I was feeling lost and pretty defeated. 

I signed up for Hanna Lisa's 'Get Shit Done Challenge' thinking it was exactly the kick I needed to push through and release my next sewing pattern. It was almost ready to release but I was straight-up avoiding the final step which was illustrating the instructions. As I watched Hanna Lisa's introductory video on how to choose a goal, I had a serious moment of epiphany. The biggest piece of wisdom that struck a nerve with me, and really set the tone for everything I'm doing today, is when she expressed how important it is to set a goal that truly excites you and brings you joy.

At that moment I realized that the reason I hadn't released my pattern yet, after months of being nearly there, was because it no longer excited me. Beyond that, creating the digital illustrations was physically hurting me and brought no joy. I dreaded it. In that moment I decided not to release a pattern but instead to release a small number of actual products using my own pattern that I had been working on. That product was a portable yarn bowl. 

I worked through the Get Shit Done Challenge religiously, creating checklists for myself and printing them out so I had a daily, visual reminder of what I was working towards. My new goal was to launch a limited run of me-made portable yarn bowls as a finished product. This was the idea that brought me the most joy and excitement, and I now had the guidance to make a plan and follow through.

I released my first small batch of yarn bowls with surprising success! I sold a few when I wasn't sure if I'd sell any. It was enough to make me rethink my market and my goal for Home Row. I was shifting from a pattern-focused business to a product-focused business and with that shift came an intense rejuvenation and invigorated passion for Home Row. Once I realized there was an interest in the yarn bowls I was making I decided to bump things up a notch and use my own artwork for the fabrics. I always wanted to be a fabric designer but that goal had remained on my list of dreams that felt too far out of reach. It excited me to design fabric on my own terms so I did it. The positive response to my signature prints was overwhelming and then something magical happened that I never planned for... I got my first wholesale inquiry!

Long story short, I now sell my portable yarn bowls full time and have wholesale accounts with several yarn shops across the US. I'm passionate and motivated about what I do and I absolutely owe that to Hanna Lisa! It was one simple question from her, along with the tools to make an organized plan, that set me on this path. I used to struggle with “impostor syndrome” a lot, not knowing if what I was working towards felt “right” or “good” or “me” and I realize now those feelings were symptoms of not being truly happy with what I was creating. I don't feel those things anymore. 

Now the first question I ask myself when working towards any new goal is “Does this excite me?” That is such a big important question that I used to underestimate, but excitement is the gateway emotion for passion and joy and motivation and focus and so many other things that lead to success! This is a question you can literally ask your gut because your gut will tell you what excites you. You can physically feel it.

Thank you, Hanna Lisa, for reminding me that this is such an important thing to feel.

Thank you so much for sharing your super inspirational story with us, Rochelle! Make sure you go check out Home Row Fiber Co's website and her Instagram over at @homerowfiberco.