hannaontheroad Podcast Shownotes Episode 12 - Let's celebrate!

It's time to celebrate, friends! The podcast has hit over 500 subscribers so what better time than now to do our very first podcast giveaway?

Watch the episode to find out how to enter (deadline: May 7):



Finished objects:

Meerdaal Scarf

Whinfell Sweater

Sallandse Hat


Løvenholm Vest

Delamere Dress

Puzzlewood Mittens

Knitting Plans:

Nouri Sweater


making stories - we're making a second book!

  • All the details on BREEZE can be found on our website making-stories.com
  • Current open calls:
    • Call for Yarn Partners
    • Call for Design Submissions

Shop Update - Spring Green & Coral are back in stock!

Head over to my Etsy shop to dress up your knitting for spring :)


Dunkelgrün Podcast

  • Head over to Youtube to check out Anna's beautiful podcast about knitting, spinning and dyeing yarn: Dunkelgrün Podcast



This episode's question has come up in a few coaching calls and emails lately - it's all about money! More specifically about how to manage your finances when you run a creative business.

Spoiler alert: It's not complicated at all. You need a way to track "money in" (i.e. how much you make every month) and a way to track "money out" (i.e. how much you spend every month). Watch the episode to hear all the details and how I manage my finances.

Get Shit Done Challenge

Come join us for the Get Shit Done Challenge! A challenge for everyone who runs or wants to start their own creative business - you pick a project and we'll complete it together, from start to finish.

Head over here to read all the details and sign up!

Creative Boss Tip

Today's creative boss tip is a really handy (free) service I recently discovered: linktr.ee! With linktr.ee you can set up a clean, simple page that you can link to from your Instagram profile where you can then link to a few different other pages - like your shop, your podcast, and your website. Super handy!

Happy Podcast Watching - and don't forget to enter the giveaway!!