hannaontheroad Podcast Shownotes Episode 15: I'm so excited... I just can't hide it!

And with that bad, but necessary pun welcome to episode 15 of the hannaontheroad podcast! We have an episode full of exciting announcements: my first KAL - the #LinenKAL - a brand-new Ravelry group, Patreon and I'm looking for BETA testers for my new Instagram Mini-Class!

Without further ado, watch the full episode here:


KAL NEWS! (And a Ravelry group)

For the first time ever, we're going to have a KAL on the hannaontheroad podcast! It's a #LinenKAL - aka everything and anything knit with linen yarn or linen blends - and it's going to be super low key and no pressure.

You can find all the details in our brand-new Ravelry group! Head over there and join us - and please do comment below the video which project you'll be casting on for the #LinenKAL.

Oh, and don't forget to tag your pictures on Instagram with #LinenKAL so I can look at all your beautiful knits!


Amalia Socks

  • Pattern: Amalia Socks by Verena Cohrs

  • Yarn: 100% sustainable merino by 



  • Lino Muka: 5 skeins of 100% linen in the colorway "Peony"


Tonight (June 14) at 7pm Ida from WOOLapyk and me will be launching our collaboration kits in her and my Etsy Shop!



Running a creative BUSINESS



  • I've joined Patreon, yayyyyyy! Patreon is a great way to if you want a bit of help with your creative business, but you're not ready yet to take the leap to full business coaching.

  • I'll be offering different Creative Boss Videos per month - and you can vote for the topics you'd like me to give help on!

BETA: Instagram Mini-Class

You can sign up for the BETA Instagram Mini-Class here - but be fast, almost all spots are taken by now!


This week's question comes from Lorna, and it's AWESOME. Lorna asked:

"I really enjoyed when you touched on feminism topics... and I'm really interested how knitting and ''making'' in general plays in with being a woman in todays modern society and I honestly feel like you're the perfect person to speak about this topic. Knitting and making aren't only crafts, there's just so much more to it! :)"

Watch the episode for an epic answer.