hannaontheroad Podcast Shownotes Episode 22: With a Pinch of Love.

Yay, it's showtime again! Episode 22 sees the arrival of WOODS as well as 3 finished objects, one WIP and a range of gifts and acquisitions. I also answer a brilliant question by Lisanne (Theaterkind) on how to best use the time between now and wanting to become a freelance dramaturg / translator / writer to prepare for that. 


#LinenKAL Winners - Round 2!

Chatter thread:

  • One skein of Ovis Et Cetera Kempisch Heideschaap Sock and a progress keeper by jillenasue: Post #84 - djali84 (Geneviève)

FO thread:

  • Two skeins of SnailYarn's Linen Blend: Post #18 - jillenasue (Jillena)

Thank you again for your wonderful participation in my first ever KAL - and a massive THANK YOU to all the amazing prize sponsors!


Finished Object:

FO #1: Frasier Fir Socks

FO #2: Random Socks

FO #3: Tolmie Sweater

Work in progress:

WIP: Redford Sweater

Gifts & Acquisitions

  • A skein of beautiful Rauwolliges Pommersches Landschaf yarn from Verena (available through wollfratz-shop.com)
  • An incredible gift package from Am including some beautiful Armenian goodies as well as a skein of her naturally dyed 100% American yarn (check out her shop at oystersandpurls.com!)

  • Berlin Knits haul:


  • It's HERE!!! YAYYY!!! The next charge of pre-orders on making-stories.com opens on Oct 2 and ships from Nov 4 onwards.
  • Our stockist list is up on the website! Go show them some love and ask them for pre-orders as well.


  • The exclusive collection for Olann is available now through her website!

  • Mustard yellow (or curry or however you want to call it) is going to launch later this week in my Etsy shop, yay!


Q&A by Lisanne (Theaterkind):

"Dear Hanna Lisa, I have a boss-freelancy-kinda question...currently I work a (more than) fulltime job, but at the same time I would like to have (and actually have) a couple of side projects going on. My family back in Berlin is currently in the midst of buying a house together (and I'm part of it) so my plan is definetely to move back there in the next 6 years or so. I might even consider going back there sooner but as it would mean basically the end of my career as it is now I'm not sure if I'll be ready sooner or not. My dream would be to over the next couple of years build up my "business" as a freelance dramaturg, translator, writer (I'm dreaming of this one book...) and then downgrade to a part time job once I want to move back to Berlin. What is your opinion on that and what would you suggestions regarding my situation?"

See the episode for my answer!