hannaontheroad Podcast Shownotes - Episode 3: It's so fluffy!!

Today's podcast episode includes a fabulous Q&A - thank you so much to everyone who submitted their questions! Keep them coming - simply add them in the comment thread below :)

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SHOWNOTES EPISODE 3: It's so fluffy!!


Finished Objects: None :(

Works in Progress


Gladys Socks

Improvised Baby Socks


  • Yarn: Lang Yarns Jawoll Magic Dégradé in Color No. 850019 & Jawoll Superwash in 184 Pink

Secret Test Knit --> no pictures, sorry!!


Colorway Scout

Colorway Scout

Polwarth & Merino Roving!!

Polwarth & Merino Roving!!

Yolanda Zarin Linen

Yolanda Zarin Linen

Shop Update

appening in the 3rd or 4th week of November with lots of fall inspired project bags - stay tuned on Instagram!



  • Collection is done, all prototypes are sewn!
  • Five designs for the first collection: zipper pouches in 2 sizes (ready to ship), tote bag, laptop sleeve & glasses sleeve (made to order)
  • MARK YOUR CALENDAR: SHOP OPENING NOV 11 --> new Etsy shop! Stay tuned for exact time & link (Instagram is your best friend!) 



  • Started working on a new client project: setting up the website & online shop for Rauwerk (eco-friendly yarn shop in Munich) 
  • Wrote a little press text for The Knitter (Jan)
  • 2 consulting spots left for November —> send me a message!

Other ventures:

  • Spending quite some time working on the knitting book WOODS - call for design submissions still open until Nov 30! 
  • Had a fabulous dyeing day with Verena - stay tuned!


Q1 (@claireinstitches): How do you ensure that you keep a good work / life balance? I find this the most difficult aspect of working from home for myself.

  • Disclaimer: I love working from home - and I think part of that is that I don’t have a strict division of work / life. 
  • Tilting —> tilt into work & tilt into life
  • There are seasons —> e.g. before a shop update 
  • Establish a morning & evening rhythm 
  • Schedule in “play time” —> e.g. date nights, breakfasts with people
  • Don’t interrupt flow.
  • Maker vs. manager schedule: at least 0.5 days of uninterrupted work 

Q2 (@is.jf): I’m a painter and I would like to know how to make more customers and how to make more people know me and my work as well as sell more on social networks.

  • Focus on one Social Media channel at a time until you’ve established a habit (e.g. only Instagram for a month)
  • Which channel? the one your target group interacts most on & that makes sense for your product —> e.g. here pictures = Instagram (stories for process & pictures)
  • Find your tribe / audience —> look through hashtags, look at the audience of other accounts you’re following or who do similar work 
  • Be consistent —> i.e. post consistently, try to stick with a similar style for photos & captions
  • Add CTAs (call to actions) —> i.e. when something is for sale, say where people can buy it, ask them questions, tell them to subscribe to your newsletter
  • Set very specific goals - e.g. “post one picture per day for the next month” or “spend 15 min per day looking through hashtags, liking and commenting on other people’s 
  • Instagram Guide —> download it here for free! (picking your topics, visual style, editing)

Q3 (@joannefinelightness): Do I have to use Instagram every day?

  • I’ve been struggling a little bit myself to get back into the IG groove lately, but I still think it’s super valuable to stay inspired and connected so yes, I think it’s important to use it every day.
  • BUT! I’d suggest to limit it, both in terms of when you do that and for how long. I.e. I scroll through the feed from last night when I have my breakfast, post something, and then try not to touch IG until after lunch time. Then I go on IG for another 15 min or so. 
  • Setting aside a specific time of the day and making it part of your rhythm might help!

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