hannaontheroad Podcast Shownotes Episode 30: Finish ALLLLL the things!

Yayyyy, it's February, and the latest episode of my podcast is now up on Youtube! Here's a quick overview of what you can expect in episode nr. 30:

  • I share my two latest Finished Objects!
  • I also talk about the progress on my #ImmortalistsxQuince shawl and share a new cast on.
  • I show you the latest Making Stories publication we've put out (SOCKS 2018).
  • I announce the two shop update dates for February.
  • And last, but not least, I talk at length about my current grips with Instagram and how I'm thinking about using it for my business right now.

You can watch the entire episode below or scroll down for further details!



Finished Objects:

FO #1: Black Forest Cardigan

FO #2: Hearth & Snow Hat

Works in Progress:

WIP #1: The Immortalists Shawl

WIP #2: Roots Socks

News: SOCKS 2018 is now out!

Shop news:

  • Shop Updates in February:

    • February 15, 7pm CET

    • February 28, 10am CET



This week I'm talking about why Instagram has been frustrating me lately and what I started doing to make it more fun again. I also share why I think it makes sense to use Instagram to encourage customers to sign up for an email list (spoiler alert: make yourself more independent from algorithm changes!).

I also mention my latest Patreon video which you can check out here!