hannaontheroad Podcast Shownotes Episode 31: EYF, a brand new yarn - and a brand new website!

Welcome to episode 31 of the hannaontheroad podcast! This episode is packed to the brim with good stuff, including...

  • ... more info about when & where you can meet me at EYF!
  • ... the first official view of my very first-ever sock design!
  • ... a quick update on my latest WIPs, including my new Gingerbread sweater
  • ... a review of the gorgeous new Blacker Yarns Jacob 4ply
  • ... a long section about why I'm launching my own website for my project bags, what you can expect and the first glimpse of the upcoming Spring Collection!
  • ... and last, but not least, a Q&A about email newsletters.

You can watch the entire episode below or scroll down for further details!



Edinburgh Yarn Festival!

Come meet me at EYF on Friday from 12 to 2pm in the Blacker Podcaster Lounge - or anytime during the festival, just come and say hi!

Finished Objects:

FO #1: My first sock pattern!

Works in Progress:

WIP #1: The Immortalists Shawl

WIP #2: Roots Socks

WIP #3: Gingerbread Sweater



I'm launching a new website!

I'm moving my project bag business away from Etsy onto hlh-designs.com - and I can't wait for you to see everything the new website has in store!

Official launch date & time is Thursday, March 8, 5pm CET.

I'm looking for an addition to my project bag team!

A freelance sewist based in or around Berlin, to be exact. The job description can be found on the new website come Thursday and I'm accepting applications via email.

Q&A: Email newsletters

The lovely Becky Sorensen asked a very good question on email newsletters and while I can't answer everything in details as this is also this month's Patreon video, I hope I was able to share a few helpful tidbits about how to set up a newsletter and when to talk about shop launches and such on it.

If you like the newsletter topic,  I can only encourage you to check out the March Patreon video which is all about email lists. I just put it up and it's a good one!