hannaontheroad Podcast Shownotes - Episode 4: A New Favorite Sweater

In Episode 4 of the hannaontheroad podcast I talk about a new favorite sweater (FO hello!!), an old / new WIP, an update about Beyond Bias and answer two fabulous questions around how to decide whether there's still enough space "in the market" for your business idea and what to do if you think you need to go down a route with your business that you don't want to go down in order to be successful.

Watch it in full length here:



Finished Objects: 



Plus - a pair of baby socks and a secret test knit! Sadly I can't show either of them - the baby socks are already with their recipient and the test knit is, well, secret.

Works in Progress:

Terracotta Shawl

Siri Cardigan

Buttons arrived! Chevron Buttons via Arrow Mountain on Etsy


Hand-dyed yarn - photo coming soon to Instagram!


Tons of making happening this week!


1st: #ihavemyshittogether: shop open now!

    • Etsy: ihavemyshi1together.etsy.com
    • Local Stockists: If you’re in Berlin, you can buy them at my friend Larissa's shop Hetti.Berlin in Neukölln (Reuterstr. 62)!

2nd: Custom orders - if you'd like something custom-made, send me a message!

3rd: Rauwerk Yarn Shop - opening in Munich on Dec 9! You'll be able to get my project bags there!

4th: Project bags - shop update coming in time for Small Business Saturday (Nov 26)! 


    • 1 consulting spot left for November —> send me a message!

Beyond Bias:

  • We decided to end Beyond Bias, the project where I was working on sewing kits with a good friend of mine. Details in the episode!


Rebecca (@em_crafty): How do you decide of there is still "room" on the market for what you want to do? I would love to do something more with my love for handmade/wool stuff, but there's already so much going on it's scary …

    • I still believe there is room for more businesses on the handmade market. It’s not as easy as it was a few years ago when Etsy drove a lot of sales, but if you’re really passionate about what you do there’s always something that makes you unique. Your style, your aesthetics, your consciousness of the environment, you name it. 
    • Very practically: Test it.
    • How can you test it?
      • Start talking about what you want to do and gauge reactions —> e.g. on Instagram
      • Set up a website where you can collect email addresses and tell people they can sign up for the emails if they want to stay up to date —> you’ll see based on the email signups if people are interested (critical mass) 
      • Produce a few products and try to sell them low-key, e.g. on Instagram 
      • Get feedback in groups with other Creative Bosses (e.g. FiberBoss by KnitFitch or Transform Your Yarn by Arohaknits)

Heather (@hvcraftco): I think I've met a turn in the road of my business. I know I can't keep going in my current trajectory, but I really want to. I know what I have to do, and I don't want to. What do you suggest for people feeling stuck on what they want, rather than what they HAVE to do? I know if I want to make any reasonable gains in my business I need to work smarter but that isn't what I'm enjoying right now. However, what I'm enjoying is exhausting me.

    • Phew, this is a hard question. 
    • First up: My philosophy. I don’t believe that it’s worth building a business where you cannot do what you want. If what you do in your business doesn’t make you happy you’re not going to be in it for the long haul.
    • But! There are always going to be things that you don’t enjoy doing in your business. They might be smaller admin tasks like bookkeeping or bigger things like needing to sew up 50 of the same pillow cases where all you want to do is design new ones. 
    • But it doesn’t sound like this is what you’re asking, Heather, right? I’m assuming it’s about something bigger - that the trajectory you feel you need to go on with your business is not the one you want to take. 
    • If you don’t want to do what you think you have to do, don’t do it. It’s not going to make you happy. 
    • Instead, ask yourself two questions:
      • Why do you think you have to go on that trajectory? (Is it because the other option is not financially viable? Is it because you think there’s a bigger market?)
      • Why are you so reluctant to go on that trajectory? (Does it not feel like yourself? Are you going to be doing a lot of things you don’t enjoy if you down that route?) 
    • I find that most of the time simply asking these two questions opens up space in my mind for alternative options.
    • Because this is the ultimate goal here - finding an alternative trajectory, a third one, for you. 
    • Also - talk things through with friends, with your partner, with other creative bosses. 

Boss Tip: Gloria Steinem - My Life on the Road

  • Go read it. It will help.