hannaontheroad Podcast Shownotes - Episode 6: The One Before Christmas.

Episode 6 already, wohooo! In this episode I'm sharing my latest FOs - well, the ones that are not Christmas gifts - which mainly consist of cold-weather accessories. I'm also talking about the Pussyhat Project, my new scholarship program and how to relax and rewind during your holidays when you run your own business.

Watch it here:


Finished Objects: 

Mizu Shawlette

Slow Days Mittens

Stitch Block Cowl

Works in Progress:

  • A pair of socks - which I can't show you because I'm testing the yarn! Sorry :(


  • A beautiful Secret Santa package from Verena (The Wool Club) including 
  • The amazing Natural Dye Kit from Hey Mama Wolf -> go get yours in her Etsy shop!!

Shop News:

The shops will be closed for Christmas vacation until Dec 29. 


  • Check out the Pussyhat Project if you want to support the Women's March for Washington (happening Jan 21), but can't be there in person! 
  • I'm starting a scholarship program for women-run businesses. Check out all the details here - applications are open until Jan 15, program starts end of Jan!


  • I gave a lengthy update on WOODS - making stories - watch the video for all the details! Most importantly, we're still looking for test knitters so if you want to test knit for WOODS, send us an email to hello@making-stories.com. Test knitting starts in February and we welcome all levels of experience and skill!
  • Q&A from Verena (The Wool Club): As you know, I’m rather new to this self employed life and with Christmas around the corner, I was wondering if you’d share a bit about your take on holidays and time off? Do you still answer emails when you’re on holidays? Do you have any tips on really enjoying some time off without thinking of business related things? --> Excellent question! Listen to the last part of the podcast for my full answer. 
  • Boss Tip: Only one today. Relax

Happy Holidays!!