My Month in Review: February 2017

Whoa, friends, it's March. March always seems to sneak up on me, but this year February just flew by. It's been an incredible month - incredibly intense, and incredibly joyful. 

Without further ado, here's my recap of Feb 2017:


  • Launch the WOODS - making stories crowdfunding campaign (Feb 9!!!)

  • Tech edit all the WOODS pattern

  • Start the test knitting phase of WOODS (incl. starting to test knit myself)

  • Launch Exploration Calls & get a few more 1on1 projects going

  • Launch collaboration kits with Ovis Et Cetera & The Wool Club for the shop

  • Prepare another two-toned collection shop update

What went well?

Launch the WOODS - making stories crowdfunding campaign (Feb 9!!!)

WHOA. I still don't know how to talk about it, and how to believe what has happened around WOODS in February - in a very, very good way. As of today (March 1), we're at an incredible 86% of our funding goal (or at 25,874 € of 30,000 €). 

There are no words that can describe how happy and thankful and relieved I am that all of you love this project as much as we do. I knew that the book was going to be amazing, but I had no idea if that would actually translate into pre-orders. And boy, it did.

We still have 14 days to go (the crowdfunding campaign closes on March 14), and only a little more than 4,000 € until we reach our goal - unbelievable.

If you want to find out more what happened with regards to WOODS in February, check out the backer updates on the Indiegogo page, and our latest blog post

Also - if you haven't backed yet, head over to Indiegogo and do it now!

Tech edit all the WOODS pattern

We did manage to tech edit all the WOODS patterns before they went out to the test knitters. It involved a lot of maths, quite a few blank pieces of paper and sometimes a bit of cursing and one too many cups of coffee. But I LOVED the maths part of it - I realized how much I missed calculating stuff! Fascinating things you learn about yourself again when you write a book :)

Start the test knitting phase of WOODS (incl. starting to test knit myself)

Technically, this should be somewhere in the "what went well / okay" section because while the start of the test knitting with our amazing group of test knitters went really well, I am actually a little bit behind on my own personal test knitting.

As you might or might not know, Verena and me are test knitting all the patterns in the book as well - I have about 6 to 7 projects to complete until mid April, and I better get cracking on them!

Launch Exploration Calls & get a few more 1on1 projects going

This was one of the very big WINS in February! Way back in January I decided that I wanted to do more 1on1 consulting and coaching work, and I thought offering free 15min calls to get to know me would be a good addition to my current product portfolio.

While my usual promotional channels - Instagram and my newsletter - didn't result in any Exploration Calls being booked, a new channel that I tried worked super well: I sent out emails to a segment of my newsletter list, more specifically to everyone who had clicked on one of my consulting offers before. And that worked super well!

Little glimpse into one of the targeted emails.

Little glimpse into one of the targeted emails.

My goal was to have 5 Exploration Calls in February, and get 1 project going - I ended up doing 4 Exploration Calls with potential new clients which resulted in 3 projects! And the best part - I LOVED doing the calls. It was so fun to get to know so many different people in a short amount of time.

They're definitely coming back for April!

Launch collaboration kits with Ovis Et Cetera & The Wool Club for the shop

Just in time for Valentine's Day, the fabulous Saskia - the dyer behind Ovis Et Cetera - and Verena, an amazing knitwear designer, and me teamed up for a collaboration kit consisting of Verena's Geode Cowl Pattern, the yarn needed to knit it up made by Saskia, and a matching project bag made by me.

My goal was to sell 15 kits - and lo and behold, we almost made it! In the end, we sold 14 kits over a six day time period, which was super amazing. I just got the yarn that Saskia dyed up and will get the kits sent out tomorrow or Friday.

More collaborations with these fabulous ladies coming up! 

Prepare another two-toned collection shop update

As we speak, I have a big pile of half-sewn project bags sitting next to me that are going into tomorrow's two-toned collection shop update!

It was actually a little bit tricky to prepare this one because I had to look for a different linen supplier, but ended up finding a great alternative to my previous one and can't wait to get a regular shop update rhythm with these bags going!

What didn't go so well:

Ehm. Judging from my goal list, February was almost too good to be true! Sure, there were glitches and hick-ups along the way, but overall it was a damn good month. 

The only thing that comes to mind that didn't go so well is more of the private / habit related stuff, so let's move on to ....

The Private Stuff

Speaking of things that didn't go so well - I fell of the wagon in terms of a few of my habits in February, and I really felt it.

I love my morning routine which consists of working out, meditating, showering, having breakfast and then starting to work - and that sort of fell apart after we launched the crowdfunding. I had gotten into a habit of leaving my phone on flight mode until I came out of the shower and only when I started checking my emails and Instagram again in the mornings did I realize how helpful that was for my sanity. For the past two, three weeks, I fell back into looking at my phone first thing after waking up, and I've felt frazzled and hectic for the entire morning - but it took a while until I realized that those two things are probably connected. 

So for March, I want to make a conscious effort to get back into not checking my phone until after my morning routine is done.

In addition to that, both David and me have been working our butts off and did not have a lot of time for each other - with the exception of a few super lovely impromptu dinner dates! I'd love to keep them up in March as well. Plus - we'll have lots more time together in March because...


I can't wait! 

Which brings me to...

My goals for March

  • Have another successful two-toned collection shop update

  • Hit our WOODS crowdfunding goals of 30k

  • Go to Edinburgh Yarn Festival, have a fabulous time and talk to a lot of our yarn companies and designers

  • Get everything ready for my vacation


PS: Just for completion, here's the short overview of what I've been making in February:


  • Geode Cowl


  • Abisko Socks (test knit for WOODS)
  • Løvenholm Vest (test knit for WOODS

So, tell me, how was your February?? Would love to hear what you really liked and hated about the past month :)