My 2018 - Keeping tabs.

Instead of a monthly review post I decided to try something different this year: one post that I am going to update at the end of every month with an overview of my goals of the next month and a review of what I did that last month.

I realized at the end of last year that while I enjoyed the retrospective my monthly review posts offered me, I had no way of looking at the big picture of the year and that bothered me. I'm hoping that this approach will help me gain a better perspective of what's been going on during the year while we're in the middle of it as well as at the end of 2018.

If you're more of a picture person, scroll down to the end of this post - I'll put together a few photos for every month there!




Finish planning the year

Done and dusted - well, almost, that is. I still need to work on a more detailed plan for the coaching beyond Q1.


Clean up coaching website

Not done. I've looked into templates and have a few favourites, but that one hasn't happened yet.

Implement targeted email groups

Done, but I haven't done a lot with them - looking forward to taking a bit of time to plan this for the future!

Implement a forum for coaching clients

Done (on Slack) and I'm really happy that I did! Now to keep it up to date.

Do an Exploration Call push

Not done. Didn't feel like the right timing.

Do a 5k Instagram Giveaway

Done (for a 30min coaching call)!


Plan & reach out to collab partners

All done, and almost done planning the year which feels amazing!

Moodboard & plan Spring collection

Also done, except for the fact that I wanted to get the fabrics already, but didn't manage that due to the overwhelming amount of SOCKS work.

Do a Winter project bag push

Done, sort of. Still too many project bags from the printed edition left though.

Write concept & timeline for project bag website

Concept is done, timeline not yet.

Start knitter's newsletter

Done, and I really, really enjoyed writing the first one! Now to stick to a regular schedule.



Start sending out targeted emails

Patreon mini video & email

Exploration Call email

Create bundle with 3 worksheets as a free download

Implement an automated email sequence for this

Select Creative Boss Scholarship participants

Write concept email course

Make timeline for content creation of email course

Make promo plan for email course


Set up project bag website

Get fabrics for Spring collection & collaboration w/ Fleece & Harmony

Create all inventory for collaboration & part of Spring collection


In Pictures