My Month in Review: August 2017

It's September, friends! Whoa, THAT was fast. Time to take a look at August and see what happened - spoiler alert: some good and some ugly...


  • Sell all 30 collaboration kits for the Et Cetera Sock Kit

  • Finish & send off the special collection of project bags for Olann

  • Finish & send off another special collaboration

  • Get 10 sign ups for my Instagram Mini-Class

  • Get 3 new Patrons

  • RELAX on vacation

What went well?


Sell all 30 collaboration kits for the Et Cetera Sock Kit

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-25 at 16.29.04.jpeg

The launch of the Et Cetera Sock Kit collaboration with Saskia from Ovis Et Cetera and Verena from The Wool Club at the beginning of August was wonderful! We teamed up to create a special yarn and bag kit around Verena's Et Cetera Sock design and sold out of our 30 kits within a few days. The feedback that we've gotten for the kits was wonderful and reassuring that working together with wonderful womxn makes is definitely something I want to do more of. I even have two more collabs coming this year!

Finish & send off the special collection of project bags for Olann

IMG_4236 2.JPG

A few months ago, Jess from the Ireland-based yarn company Olann approached me and asked if I was interested in designing and making an exclusive project bag collection for her label - and how could I resist? I had the best time browsing Spoonflower for patterns that fit her brand aesthetic and am so, so happy with the final products.

Jess will be launching her exclusive mini collection in her shop on September 22 - mark your calendar, friends!

Finish & send off another special collaboration

Last, but not least, I have another collaboration coming your way at the end of September. This time, I've teamed up with Maria, the super talented dyer behind Tuskenknits! I finished all the bags that are going to be available in her shop a few days ago and they're well on their way to her home in the US. Can't wait to share this one with you!


What didn't go so well


Get 10 sign ups for my Instagram Mini-Class

You live and you fail or what's that saying? Yeah. This was a big, fat FAIL in my book. I was so excited about the Instagram Mini-Class and the public launch and the wonderful feedback from my beta testers and then I got 3 signups. Out of the 3, one signup complained about the class costing money (maybe my sign up page copy wasn't clear enough?) and the other two never paid their invoice. Because of that and because of the apparent lack of interest (or my lack of proper marketing), I decided to cancel the class for now.

It's a bit of a double-edged sword, this one: On the one hand side it's a shame because I genuinely believe the class is amazing (and my beta testers told me that as well!) and I put in all the work of writing the worksheets and filming and editing the videos. On the other hand side, I have SO MUCH other work right now with Making Stories, my coaching and the project bag label that maybe it just wasn't meant to be. 


Onwards and upwards! 

Get 3 new Patrons

First up - a warm welcome to my one new Patron from August, Rebecca! I'm thrilled to have you! While I didn't manage to add 3 people to my Patron squad, we do have about one sign up per month which is wonderful. I'm aiming to keep it at that - at least - and I really, really enjoy thinking about the topics for the Creative Boss Tutorial videos and filming them and hearing my Patron's thoughts.

RELAX on vacation

To be fair: we did go on vacation. And it was wonderful. But honestly - it just wasn't relaxing. I spent a few amazing days in Helsinki with a very dear friend of mine and then David and I met up for a little road trip through the Baltics. Two countries I'd never visited before - Estonia and Latvia - and a LOT of driving made for a range of great new inspiring insights, but not for very much knitting or relaxing. Better try next time!


The private stuff

As if I didn't have enough on my plate (in addition to all the above, Christmas season prep is in full swing and Making Stories work is crazy right now), we also decided to start renovating our apartment. Yup. No, I don't know why we always seem to pile on ALL the to dos, but suffice it to say, August saw a lot of travel and sorting and throwing stuff out and quite a few fights and exhaustion and bad eating habits. September is a fresh new month and start and I can't wait for everything to calm down a little bit in a few weeks!

Which brings us to...

My goals for September:

  • Finish the Making Stories book & get it back from the printer

  • Sell 10 project bags

  • Sell all collaboration kits with Tuskenknits

  • Get 2 new coaching clients

  • Get 1 new Patron