My Month in Review: July 2017

Another month is over and we're already a few days into August! Time to talk about July. July was good and bad - both professionally and personally, and it was also exhausting. This might be my endless to do list speaking, but I'm really looking forward to a little bit of vacation in the middle of this month!

But! Let's not fret, let's instead talk about what happened in July!


  • Project Bag Shop: Sell at least 20 bags - without a shop update, just continuous re-stocking

  • Coaching: Add 2 coaching clients

  • Patreon: Add 5 patrons

  • Publish 2 blog posts per week (one <500 words, the other one an interview)

  • Develop & launch a new freebie

  • Continue doing lots of prep work for upcoming collaborations & collections & the public release of the IG Mini-Class


What went well?

Develop & launch a new freebie

A few months ago, I started planning out my Instagram because I felt completely overwhelmed deciding what to post about, taking a photo and writing a good caption on the go. After getting quite a few questions on how I do that, I decided to put together a new freebie - my Instagram Planner!

It's a two-page planner that you can use to hone in on the topics you want to post about, the promotions you want to do, the things you want to experiment with and then plan out your posts for every day of the month.

I put it live on July 19, and did do a bit of promotion around it - although not terribly much, and I already have 64 downloads which makes me super happy!


What didn't go so well

Project Bag Shop: Sell at least 20 bags - without a shop update, just continuous re-stocking

Well, the project bag shop went okay last month - I sold 14 bags, most of them triggered by the relaunch of my most popular colorway, Forest Green. I could have done a lot more promotion around it, but I frankly didn't have a lot of time to sew and it always makes me super anxious to put stock in the shop when I have no idea when to sew it up.

This is why I decided to try something new with Forest Green - made to order! So far, it's been great - I don't have the impression my customers mind waiting for the bags a little bit longer, and it's proven to be a huge stress relief for me.

I do need to think about adding someone part time to help me with sewing though. Something to ponder while I'm on vacation!

Coaching: Add 2 coaching clients

I had two coaching spots open up because we decided to not take a long summer vacation, and one of them got filled almost immediately after I announced it. I still have a few leads in the pipeline for the second spot, but I didn't manage to fill it in July.

I will need to be careful with adding on more clients in the next few months because there's going to be tons more work both for Making Stories and the project bag label - I love coaching, and I don't want to cut down on it, but I also have to be realistic with how many new clients I can take on. Another thing to think about on vacation!

Patreon: Add 5 patrons

Two new patrons joined my Patreon squad right at the beginning of June, but then it slowed down and I didn't manage to get more sign ups. I'm not sure why this is - maybe vacation time? Trying again this month!

Continue doing lots of prep work for upcoming collaborations & collections & the public release of the IG Mini-Class

Well - talk about a goal setting fail. I have no idea what exactly I intended to do at the beginning of July - I just know that I DID do quite a lot of work on all three, but probably not as much as I wanted to (see "Unexpected Extras" for why). 



Publish 2 blog posts per week (one <500 words, the other one an interview)

For the most part of July, I did this and I really, really enjoyed writing up the shorter articles! I focused on quick tips - actionable how tos that I tried and learned. Surprisingly enough, writing two articles wasn't as stressful as I thought it would be - instead, promoting them kicked my ass!

It just felt spammy to put out SO MUCH content. I know for other blogs this doesn't seem to be a lot, but I just haven't figured out how to get them in front of my audience without getting the feeling that I'm overwhelming them.

Any advice highly appreciated!


Unexpected Extras

So. You might realize that this month was actually not as good as I thought it would be! Still, I'm exhausted and ready for vacation and that is not because I'm a slacker and just want to chill somewhere where it's a bit cooler than in Berlin today (although I do want to do that) - that is because there was A TON of Making Stories work this month.

I'm never sure how much I should talk about Making Stories here, but suffice it to say that we're in the middle of finalizing the first book and went through the tech editing phase of our second book in July and BOY did that mean work. A lot of hours that I had planned for other stuff were spent on Making Stories - which is amazing because I LOVE the work that we do there, but it also meant sacrificing other things. That's okay though - and I'm really pleased with how flexible I've become over the last year or so when unexpected things like that happen.

The private stuff

Let's not talk about this. July saw the second funeral for us this year, heartbreak, and stress, and not enough time for the two of us. About time we go on a mini trip together and have some time to recharge, hike, knit, read, sleep!

Which brings us to...

My goals for August:

  • Sell all 30 collaboration kits for the Et Cetera Sock Kit

  • Finish & send off the special collection of project bags for Olann

  • Finish & send off another special collaboration

  • Get 10 sign ups for my Instagram Mini-Class

  • Get 3 new Patrons

  • RELAX on vacation