My Month in Review: June 2017

Welcome summer!! Welcome July - although I can't believe we're into the second half of 2017, but that's how life goes. I'm excited to update you on the last month because June was filled with a lot of work, but very good work! July will likely be a little bit slower because there's going to be a lot of prep and behind the scenes work - but let's not get ahead of ourselves!

First up, here's what went down in June:


  • Project Bag Shop: Have a successful 1st update (June 1)

  • Project Bag Shop: Have a successful collaboration update (mid June)

  • Coaching: Add 3 coaching clients

  • Launch Patreon & sign up at least 5 patrons

  • Launch beta test for mini class & fill beta spots (most likely 6 - 10)


What went well?

Project Bag Shop: Have a successful collaboration update (mid June)

YES. I loved working on this first collaboration with Ida from WOOLapyk - she dyed up some merino and merino / silk skeins with avocado and I made a matching project bag - and the launch was super successful! We sold out of the kits in my shop in three days, and I think there's only one left in her shop. 

You can also see that in the spike in orders on the launch date (June 14):

I might write up a blog post on a few take aways from my collaboration work, but most likely later this year as I have a few exciting ones coming up and would want to wait for them first!

Launch beta test for mini class & fill beta spots (most likely 6 - 10)

This went CRAZY well. I decided that I wanted to do one mini-class as a BETA with 5 open spots and they sold out within a few days - with only a couple of targeted emails to my #getshitdonechallenge crew and people I knew were interested in my coaching portfolio.

I have the first call with this class today (July 3) and I am SO excited because we're trying a few new (at least new to Creative Boss Coaching) things like interactive Facebook documents to keep each other updated and video calls and it's going to be AWESOME!

If you missed the signup for the BETA class, don't be sad - I'll be releasing the mini-class to the public in September! If you want to sign up for early access, simply click on the button below. 


What didn't go so well

Project Bag Shop: Have a successful 1st update (June 1)

I could also put this under "Undecided" because while the shop update on June 1 where I launched a new bag color (Caribbean Blue) did not result in a lot of sales, project bag orders actually came in quite regularly this month!

I also saw an uptake after releasing my latest podcast episode and posting about the bags on Instagram (which I hadn't done in a while), so overall I'm still very happy with the project bag label in June.



Coaching: Add 3 coaching clients

I have two new coaching clients which I am SUPER happy about - one of them from my first Scholarship class and the second one from the #getshitdonechallenge.

I can't wait to start working with these two fabulous ladies!

Launch Patreon & sign up at least 5 patrons

I DID launch my Patreon and I DID sign up a few patrons - but 3 instead of 5. I am about to record my first ever Creative Boss Tutorial Video and I'm super stoked about it because it allows me to work with different formats (think: screenshare and actual hands on tutorials) than my usual "face on video & talking" videos. Don't get me wrong, I still love those, but when I realized that I could actually do something different for the Tutorial Videos that I think will add A LOT of value I got SO excited!

If you haven't checked out my Patreon page yet, could you do me a favour and do that right now? THANK YOU!


Unexpected Extras

The private stuff

June was GOOD. Filled with wonderful visits to family, some time spent on the balcony and lots and lots of knitting. YAY!

Which already brings us to...

My goals for July:

  • Project Bag Shop: Sell at least 20 bags - without a shop update, just continuous re-stocking

  • Coaching: Add 2 coaching clients

  • Patreon: Add 5 patrons

  • Publish 2 blog posts per week (one <500 words, the other one an interview)

  • Develop & launch a new freebie

  • Continue doing lots of prep work for upcoming collaborations & collections & the public release of the IG Mini-Class