My Month in Review: November 2017

I guess that's a new record for me - writing my recap post about the previous month after the 15th of the current month. Oh well. Sometimes some things just have to give, and this month it was writing this post.

I got sick at the beginning of December, and have only been feeling really well again for a few days. So here's a brief overview of everything that I can still remember about November:


  • Create a free Goal Setting Challenge

  • Start sign ups for the new free challenge

  • Get at least 20 sign ups already

  • Do 2 shop updates

  • Launch 1 new color

  • Work on stocking up the inventory for Christmas

  • Get 1 new Patron


What went well?


Create a free Goal Setting Challenge, start sign ups & get at least 20 sign ups

About two months ago I had the idea of doing another free challenge - one that focuses on setting goals for 2018 and breaking them down so that they're actionable and you can start working on them right away come January.

I personally find that planning something out in advance is crucial to not feeling overly stressed, and I've noticed that this is an area that seems to be difficult for quite a lot of people. Which I completely understand - taking the time out of an already busy day and life to do more strategic work is incredibly hard. Plus, what if you discover that what you thought you wanted isn't actually really what makes your heart sing? 

All that to say that I did in fact create this new free challenge and started sign ups for it in the last week of November. The challenge itself started on December 4, ran for 5 days, and was a huge success in my book.

I'm planning a longer recap post about it for the new year, but here's a quick overview of what I did:

  • Simple sign up process: Just one page on my website with one form on there that connects to ConvertKit. The page was online for about a week, so I had a very limited time frame to actually promote the challenge. This completely worked in my favor because it meant I had to push for a week, and then could focus on other things.

  • Emails, no videos: For this challenge, I focused on 5 emails, each with a specific task in it. I was nervous and curious to see how people would like it as my previous challenges have always been done with video - and I'm glad to say that it worked! I can certainly see myself doing more of these in the future.

  • Automated email sequences: For the first time, the entire challenge was automated. For my previous ones, there was always a component that wasn't - like a Facebook group - but for this one I wanted to try complete automation as I was curious, but also because December is so hectic already that I felt I couldn't do anything non-automated justice. I love ConvertKit to death, but oh boy, is their new visual automations feature buggy. I ended up spending hours emailing back and forth with their support to try and work out the kinks - and while I love what that feature should be able to do eventually, I can't see myself using it for the next automation. It was just too unreliable.

Overall, I'm very, very happy with the challenge. I'm very curious to see if some of the participants will join either my Patreon or my Coaching programs - ultimately, while I love doing these challenges for free to share my knowledge and experience, this needs to be the goal for every one of them.

Do 2 shop updates & launch 1 new color

That went reasonably well - not a lot more to say about this!

Get 1 new Patron

Yes! And I'm really happy about the increased engagement over on my Patreon page as well! 


What didn't go so well?


Work on stocking up the inventory for Christmas

This did NOT go as planned, and it's one of the areas I want to focus on in 2018. Making a plan on how to stock up on inventory beforehand is really, really necessary right now. Having Lena sew up the linings helps tremendously, but I still found myself scrambling before each shop update.


The private stuff

Ehm. Good question - I can't remember? 

Which brings us to...

My goals for December:

  • Sell all Raincloud & Sage Collaboration Bags

  • Sell all HYGGE kits

  • Sell 30 own bags

  • Get 1 Patron

  • Prep everything so I can go on VACATION!