My Month in Review: October 2017

It's 6pm, and it's dark outside. Happy November - almost! We've turned back the clocks the past weekend, and while I really like that it's a lot lighter when I get up and gets dark sooner, the change feels somehow more pronounced this year.

Maybe it's because this time of the year leads to me reflecting more, maybe I'm just paying more attentions to my surroundings - who knows. I quite like noticing things I haven't noticed before. 

October treated me well in some regards, and in others, it's been very intense and emotionally draining. It's been mostly good though and I'm excited and feel ready for the holiday season!

Before that starts though, let's take a quick look at October:


  • Launch 3 new colors for the project bags

  • Re-shoot the green bags

  • Launch 1 new size for the project bags

  • Get 1 coaching client

  • Get 1 Patron


What went well?


Launch 3 new colors for the project bags, re-shoot the green bags & launch 1 new size

This month was by far the financially most successful month in my project bag business. Part of that is due to the fact that the majority of the revenue from September's collaboration with Tuskenknits came in early October, but even without that the month was really, really good - my first 2k month just with project bags! YAY! 

I did launch two of the three new colors - mustard and burgundy - which were received extremely well, and also added a new size (medium) to my project bag portfolio. I decided to launch the third new color in November to space things out a little bit before I'll end the year with a bang and a new Christmas collection! 

For the first time ever, I took out our DSLR to shoot the product photos for the burgundy bags and took that opportunity to re-shoot the forest green ones to. I must say I quite like it! I still have a lot to learn when it comes to making the best of the camera we have, but I can see a noticeable difference in photo quality already.

I'm also extremely happy to say that October was the first month Lena joined the project bag team as a freelancer sewist! She's seriously worth gold - and honestly, I was a little bit on the fence whether it would be a good idea to add someone already now to the team, but it's been SO good to not have to do all the sewing myself. I feel like I can breathe again, and dream up new colors, because I now know that it will only take me a day or two to whip up everything I need for a shop update. 

I also feel that the quality of my bags has gone up ever since I added Lena to the team. Truth be told,  I had a few customer complaints in the last months that really gnawed at me - mainly because I hate sending out sub-par product and disappointing customers. I feel with Lena taking on a lot of the prep work for the bags I have a bit more breathing room to make sure that everything is lined up properly, of redoing things if I'm not happy with them and generally spending more time ensuring everything that leaves this studio is of great quality. Yay!

Get 1 coaching client

While two of my current coaching clients stop with their coaching this month - their 3 months are done - I am so happy that one of them decided to continue for another 6 months with me! And there's another long-term coaching relationship in the works which I'm super excited about, so all in all it's been a good month when it comes to coaching.

I have a new free challenge on my mind that I would like to tackle in November which I'm hoping will also contribute to more people knowing about my coaching services. I really like doing the 1on1 work that I do and I would love to continue with it in 2018 the way it's been this year.

Get 1 Patron

At the beginning of the month, I decided - on a whim, really - to share the day when I filmed and edited my Patreon video on Instagram stories. I really liked that, and it seemed that you guys did too because we don't have one, but four new Patrons as part of my Patreon squad! YAYYYYY!!!! I'm so, so happy about that because to me it means more people benefit from the videos I put out there, and I really love that they're a more affordable way to get my help and advice.

Shameless sales plug: If you're interested in becoming a Patron (access to the videos starts at just $10 a month!) you can check out everything by clicking on the button below!


The private stuff

There are some private things that have been quite intense this month and I'm honestly just not ready to share them. Don't worry, I am fine, and the most important relationships in my life are too (looking at my partner in crime David and my other partner in business crime - well, not literally - those are all great!), but there have been a few very emotionally draining moments in October. It's okay though - I'm happy that I'm not twenty anymore, that I know myself better now and that I'm able to deal with these moments in a healthier, more constructive way. 

I'm looking forward to a November with a pretty clear picture of goals and events and while November will probably be quite exhausting, I'm also very excited for it! 

Which brings us to...

My goals for November:

  • Create a free Goal Setting Challenge

  • Start sign ups for the new free challenge

  • Get at least 20 sign ups already

  • Do 2 shop updates

  • Launch 1 new color

  • Work on stocking up the inventory for Christmas

  • Get 1 new Patron