My Month in Review: September 2017

Happy October, friends! Time to pull out the candles and tea and blankets and get SHIT DONE for the busy fall and Christmas season! I'm excited to kickstart this month with the book being back from the printer and lots of good things coming for the project bags, yay! 

First, though, let's look back and see how September went:


  • Finish the Making Stories book & get it back from the printer

  • Sell 10 project bags

  • Sell all collaboration kits with Tuskenknits

  • Get 2 new coaching clients

  • Get 1 new Patron


What went well?


Finish the Making Stories book & get it back from the printer

It's here!! The book is here!! September saw the last, final push to get everything ready for the printer (a true labor of love) as well as the delivery of 3000 books to the studio we sublet for packaging. We've been busy bees with getting all 800+ individual pre-orders wrapped up as well as get our stockist orders packaged up and ready to go. If you've missed out on WOODS until now, by the way, pre-orders are back open again over on the website!


Sell all collaboration kits with Tuskenknits

Whoa. October saw my most successful collaboration launch so far! I teamed up with the mega talented Maria from Tuskenknits to put together a yarn and project bag set and we did not anticipate the response that we got at all. The 15 kits I had in the shop sold in a mere 12 min, and Maria even topped that with 2 min! Whoa!

There are a few interesting things I learned during this collaboration, especially when it comes to how to market it and how to deal with customs when you're importing a larger quantity of product from overseas. If you're interested in hearing more about this, leave a comment down below and I'll consider a longer post!



What didn't go so well


Sell 10 project bags

As good as the collaboration launch went - my own project bags didn't sell that well during September. I think I sold 3, maybe 4 - but honestly, it's completely my fault. I went offline during the finishing phase of the book, and then I didn't have enough time and capacity to whip up a few of the new colors that I had planned to launch in September.

Oh well, that just happens sometimes - and it only means I have more exciting things coming to the shop in October! 

Get 2 new coaching clients

While September saw the return of a coaching client who had paused her program for a bit, I didn't manage to acquire the two new clients I wanted. I did start the next round of Creative Boss Scholarships just now, but I would love to add a few more coaching clients to my roster before the year ends.

Get 1 new Patron

Same thing with Patreon - no new Patrons here. I'm thinking of putting together a little preview video with snippets of the three tutorial videos I've done so far so people can get a better idea what they're signing up for. Curious to see how that turns out!


The private stuff

September was INTENSE, but luckily I had already planned a getaway-week after the book was sent to the printer. I spent a few wonderful days in the Dolomites, hiking, eating good food, reading, knitting and playing board games with my sister, her partner, David and a friend of ours. It was just what the doctor ordered, and I came back refreshed (albeit sunburnt) and ready to tackle this busy season!

Which brings us to...

My goals for October:

  • Launch 3 new colors for the project bags

  • Re-shoot the green bags

  • Launch 1 new size for the project bags

  • Get 1 coaching client

  • Get 1 Patron

I can't wait to see what this new month brings! Tell me - what are your plans? Do you already feel the effects of the upcoming Christmas season?