October's Slow Business Experiment: Only 3 To Dos per day.

Hello, and welcome to the intro post for October’s #slowbusinessexperiment!

Originally, I’d intended to start this on October 1, but then October 1 came and went and I forgot about it. Oops. Happens.

So! Instead we’re starting today, and I took the liberty of adjusting this month’s #slowbusinessexperiment slightly to give all of us two options:

1) Only 3 To Dos per day.

2) Abandon your To Do list.

Now, hear me out. When I was planning these experiments, I was working from a massive to do list every day. I would get up in the morning and write my list and then work from that list and then still feel as if I didn’t really do enough every day.

Then, I read Essentialism by Greg McKeown and I started entertaining this radical notion: What if I only worked on what was most important in THAT MOMENT? What if I didn’t work on anything else?

And then I started thinking about this:

“Isn’t there too much going on if we can’t remember it all without the help of lists and such? Maybe slow business is a business without lists, just with what stays with you and what you can remember. A radical notion that leads away from the usual advice to keep at least 4.5 lists and write everything down and towards trusting your ability to remember the really important things. And the things you won’t remember? Well, then maybe they’re just not that important.”

This is something I wrote to myself a few days ago when I was on the train. And, funnily enough, in the last weeks I’ve almost always abandoned my to do lists. I’ve trusted my brain to keep track of what I needed to do and if something slipped through the cracks, well, then it probably wasn’t important.

And I FEEL GREAT. And: My business is doing great. Holy shit.

SO! For October, I want us to radically cut down on our to do lists. If you’re very daunted by that, limit yourself to 3 to dos per day. Write them down, and when they’re done, work on whatever you feel like working on.

If you’re like “hey, I want to just get rid of all the lists, ever” - go ahead and do that. Trust yourself to remember what is most important about your business. Radical, huh? Yes, and exciting!

Are you joining us for another month? I hope so! Do let me know in the comments below and on Instagram how it’s going!