Meet the hannaontheroad Podcast! - Shownotes for Episode 1

I've done it - I've started a video podcast! After getting some amazing feedback (aka "GO DO IT!!") on my Instagram I sat down today and recorded the first ever episode of the hannaontheroad podcast.

And let me tell you - it was amazing. I loved every single second of it and now it's 11.25pm and I'm still super excited and can't wait for you to see it! Head over to YouTube to watch it here!

The podcast will be loosely structured into two categories:

  1. Making - where I'll be sharing all my knitting and sewing projects.
  2. Business - where I'll be giving glimpses into my business, share tips and answer business-related questions.

That's right, it's question time! I'll try and answer two to three business-related questions in every podcast episode so please do send me your questions! Either comment below or just sent an email to

Also, don't forget to subscribe to the channel on Youtube - that's the easiest way to keep updated when I release a new episode!

So, without further ado, here are the shownotes for the first episode!


First FO (= finished object) of the podcast: Sweet Pie Socks test knit

Be Kind KAL

Siri Cardigan


Knitting plans:


Driftless Cardigan

  • Pattern: Driftless Cardigan by Grainline Studio
  • Fabric: Knit Jersey bought at Stoff & Stil in Berlin



Part I: Handmade

Label #1: hannaontheroad - knitting project bags

Label #2: I Have My Shit Together

Label #3: Beyond Bias


Part II: Coaching & Consulting

Creative Boss Consulting

Check out these awesome business ladies!

Creative Boss Coaching

Early Bird pricing for the Creative Boss Coaching class that starts Oct 24 opens Sep 29


Part III: Collaborations

WOODS - making stories.

close_knit - linen project bags for ALL your roving!


Creative Boss Tip

(Shameless Plug) 

You can download the free Instagram Guide here

Before my IG makeover ...

Before my IG makeover ...

... and after.

... and after.

As this is my first podcast episode, feedback is more than welcome! Please reach out with any and all sorts of feedback (only if you really hated it, maybe don't tell me). Also, send me your business questions so that I can add the new segment to the next podcast!