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October's Slow Business Experiment: Only 3 To Dos per day.

Hello, and welcome to the intro post for October’s #slowbusinessexperiment!

Originally, I’d intended to start this on October 1, but then October 1 came and went and I forgot about it. Oops. Happens.

So! Instead we’re starting today, and I took the liberty of adjusting this month’s #slowbusinessexperiment slightly to give all of us two options:

1) Only 3 To Dos per day.

2) Abandon your To Do list.

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September's Slow Business Experiment: A Recap of 30 min IG time!

September has come and gone, and honestly, it’s brought a lot of changes. By the time I realized it was October already and we were supposed to start the second #slowbusinessexperiment, the first week of October was almost over. And that in and of itself is a testament to how profound of an effect the first experiment had on my life.

Because, you see, somehow the 30 minutes per day on Instagram turned into an exercise of Essentialism - something I will talk about here at some point in the future - which in turn led to a decision I’d been pondering for a while: Hitting pause on my coaching. Or, at least, hitting pause on proactively talking about my coaching and doing my monthly Patreon videos.

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Untouchable Days - Update I

Hello lovelies! A couple of weeks ago I talked about starting a new experiment, the Untouchable Days.

Today I'm back with a quick update on how it's going and a big, big encouragement for you to try them as well - because, spoiler alert, I absolutely love them.

A quick recap: I now schedule an Untouchable Day once per week - a day where I'm not checking emails, not using my phone for Whatsapp, calls and Social Media, and where I'm not available for meetings.

Let's take a quick look at a few aspects essential to the Untouchable Day concept and see how I fared with them so far!

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Untouchable Days - an experiment

I've decided to start a series of experiments for and with myself and my businesses. This idea is loosely based on Brooke McAlary's Slow Home Experiments (maybe we should call this series Slow Business Experiments?) and is not fully fledged yet, but the basic gist is this: I would like to try a few new things when it comes to how I run my businesses and make space for living and breathing and document how that works out. 

If you'd like to, feel free to join the experiment and try the things I'm trying! I would love to hear your experiences as well. There's not a fixed schedule around these experiments, I'm probably starting a new one every six weeks or so. If you want to stay up to date with them, check this blog and / or my newsletter.

The first experiment I've started two weeks ago is this: Untouchable Days.

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Why I moved away from Etsy.

Hello lovelies! It's been quite a while since I posted anything more creative business related here, and there's a good reason for that: I've been incredibly hard at work behind the scenes to get my new design & project bag website out into the world. Quite a few of you have asked me over the past couple of weeks after I announced the new website project why I decided to leave Etsy. There's not one easy answer to this so I'll do my very best to dissect the multiple reasons that led my to opening my own website here:

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My 2018 - Keeping tabs.

Instead of a monthly review post I decided to try something different this year: one post that I am going to update at the end of every month with an overview of my goals of the next month and a review of what I did that last month.

I realized at the end of last year that while I enjoyed the retrospective my monthly review posts offered me, I had no way of looking at the big picture of the year and that bothered me. I'm hoping that this approach will help me gain a better perspective of what's been going on during the year while we're in the middle of it as well as at the end of 2018.

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Year in Review: 2017 & Plans for 2018

Hello lovelies! I hope you are well and ready to kick-start 2018. I had a wonderful period of rest and relaxation - took an almost-complete Social Media week, didn't check emails for close to 3 weeks, and feel calm and ready to kick butt.

Instead of doing a December in Review post, I decided to do a full-fledged Year in Review! I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into what I thought went well and what I thought sucked this year.

To do that, I went back to this post from late 2016 where I put together a list of goals for 2017. To be fair, I all but forgot about this list until I started writing this post, but I am pleasantly surprised that there are no dark surprises lingering on there!

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My Month in Review: November 2017

I guess that's a new record for me - writing my recap post about the previous month after the 15th of the current month. Oh well. Sometimes some things just have to give, and this month it was writing this post.

I got sick at the beginning of December, and have only been feeling really well again for a few days. So here's a brief overview of everything that I can still remember about November:

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Call to arms - no, thoughts: On creating a business based on what matters to you.

Here's what I do when I have an idea: I sit with it. I let it sink. I don't do anything, in the strict sense of the word, except for not think about it. Why? Because the "not thinking" provides an excellent filter. When an idea comes back to me, unprompted, a few days, a few weeks after I first thought of it, when it comes back more often, when I catch myself thinking about it during my morning meditation, then I know that it's here to stay and that it's time to give in to that instinct of pursuing it.

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