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October's Slow Business Experiment: Only 3 To Dos per day.

Hello, and welcome to the intro post for October’s #slowbusinessexperiment!

Originally, I’d intended to start this on October 1, but then October 1 came and went and I forgot about it. Oops. Happens.

So! Instead we’re starting today, and I took the liberty of adjusting this month’s #slowbusinessexperiment slightly to give all of us two options:

1) Only 3 To Dos per day.

2) Abandon your To Do list.

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September's Slow Business Experiment: A Recap of 30 min IG time!

September has come and gone, and honestly, it’s brought a lot of changes. By the time I realized it was October already and we were supposed to start the second #slowbusinessexperiment, the first week of October was almost over. And that in and of itself is a testament to how profound of an effect the first experiment had on my life.

Because, you see, somehow the 30 minutes per day on Instagram turned into an exercise of Essentialism - something I will talk about here at some point in the future - which in turn led to a decision I’d been pondering for a while: Hitting pause on my coaching. Or, at least, hitting pause on proactively talking about my coaching and doing my monthly Patreon videos.

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September's Slow Business Experiment: 30 Minutes on Instagram - per day.

Hello lovelies! September is almost here which means it's the start of our first Slow Business Experiment! I was so excited to read all your comments on Instagram and get a few wonderful messages from people who are as excited as I am about starting this.

(If you're just discovering the Slow Business Experiment series now, may I suggest you start with this blog post?)

So, what's in store for us for September?

30 minutes on Instagram per day.

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Slow Business Experiments: An Introduction

And this is why I decided I want to embark on a small series of what I call "Slow Business Experiments".

They're tiny projects that address bits and pieces of my businesses that feel decidedly non-slow to me (IG rabbit hole, anyone?). They're things I want to do for a month, regularly see how they change the way I see myself and my business, and figure out whether they're worth keeping around for longer.

The first of these experiments is going to start at the beginning of September, and I'd love to invite you to join me. I'm going to do the experiment no matter what, but it would be amazing to not be alone on this journey.

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What to do when you're feeling anxious: A crowd-sourced list of awesome ideas.

These past weeks I haven't felt like myself. I felt anxious and insecure and spread too thin, I took things too easily too personally, was on the verge of tears at the smallest challenge and snapped at every. single. person. I love.

The really bad thing about all of that? None of my usual "get me back to myself" measures helped, and I felt the dark cloud coming closer and closer. So I resorted to a cry for help to our community on Instagram and asked you what you do when you feel like that. Over the course of the next few hours, an incredible amount of amazing ideas landed in my Instagram inbox.

Today, I'd love to share them with you.

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Etsy Fees: How to figure out what you really pay for your Etsy shop

Hello lovelies! In the light of Etsy updating their seller transaction fee from 3.5% to 5% and a few questions I received over Instagram about this, I decided to write a quick post showing you how to figure out how much you're really paying for your Etsy shop.

(If you're interested in my reasons for moving away from Etsy (which I did in March and haven't regretted a single second), go check out this post: "Why I moved away from Etsy.")

So! Here's the complete run-down of the four types of fees Etsy is charging you for your shop:

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How to Use Asana to Manage Your Knitwear Design Projects

Do you always under/over-estimate the time it takes to design a knitting pattern? This is the position I found myself in as a new designer.

I had so many ideas on what I wanted to create, but I wasn’t sure how long it would take to get them out there. It meant that I wasn’t publishing many designs and when I was publishing them, they weren’t necessarily on the dates I had hoped to do it.

That’s why I started using Asana to manage my design projects.

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Quick tip: How to reach out to someone for ... anything.

In the last few weeks, I've had a couple of clients ask me for advice how to approach someone you'd like to work or collaborate with who you haven't been in touch with before. I thought it might be handy to put together a quick blog post on how I usually do this. Reaching out to someone can be scary, I know, but in 99% of cases it's totally worth getting over that fear!

The following approach can be applied to pretty much any outreach situation - contacting a podcaster you'd like to send your products for a review, a magazine you pitch an article to, a wholesaler you'd like to carry your yarns. 

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