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My favorite Instagram accounts.

In one of my last posts I shared four ways to stay inspired as a freelancer (read it here). There’s a fifth one that I’ve taken to quite recently (about a year ago or so), and that’s Instagram.

Especially when you’re into physical objects, crafting, or seeing powerful women grow their businesses, you can find endless inspiration on Instagram. It’s a lovely way for me to relax, and great to connect with people in Berlin and all over the world.

Today, I’d like to share a couple of my favorite IG accounts to follow!

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How to stay inspired.

One of the things I really struggled with in the first two months of working for myself was finding a good balance between work and play. By Christmas, I felt that I was only doing client work, and all my own projects had been put on the back burner. In addition, I didn’t have any new ideas - and that was when I knew I needed to change something.

I started to plan in time for play and getting inspiration. This prevents me from feeling guilty - although I still have to remind myself that staying inspired and creating a healthy balance of work and play IS part of my work routine now - and, most importantly, provides fuel for my idea list.

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The 12 best newsletters I’ve found in 2015

I’ve had a really interesting conversation recently with two friends who asked me how I manage to keep up with the mass of new content that’s out there - aka how do I find interesting stuff to read online without going down a rabbit hole of different blogs for three hours.

My secret: newsletters. In the last year, I’ve found a couple of really great ones that share well curated content in different areas.

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