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How to price your freelance work.

Today’s blog post is inspired by a question a newsletter reader sent me recently. 

She (or he) asked: “How do you figure out pricing of freelance work, especially when one doesn’t have numbers from working in management consulting to compare prices and figure out one’s worth?” 

Very good question. Also, a question that’s not only important for creative bosses who offer services (like tech editing or consulting), but also for every single maker out there! 

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How to fill out the “Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung” when you register a business in Germany [GUIDE]

You always wanted to register a business in Germany, but you don't speak German and you're stuck in the middle of German forms and bureaucracy? 

I've been there. And it sucked. And I decided to write a guide to make it better for you. Whether you're registering as a freelancer or for a trade license as a small business owner, at some point you'll need to register with the tax office. 

Then you're going to encounter the lovely "Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung" - a form that you have to submit, but which is unfortunately only available in German. But don't be scared - I wrote a guide for you. In fact, I'm guiding you through the entire form, page by page, line by line, explaining what you need to fill in. 

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How to register a business in Germany

Registering a business in Germany can be hard - especially when you don't speak German. Today's blog post explains how you decide whether to register as a freelancer or as a small business owner, and how to go through the registration for both! Read on for your full guide on registering your creative business in Germany. 

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How to lead a team - especially if you’ve never done it before.

Today’s topic is a little bit different. I’ve been thinking a lot in the past couple of weeks what I really enjoyed about my COO job, and it always comes down to this: I’ve loved building a team, helping people develop and grow. 

Now, the truth is that I’d never done anything like that before I joined Erento. I was a management consultant - and I did have juniors working with me, but I’d never had any long-term responsibility for a team before. Basically, I had no idea what I was doing. 

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How can you add value as a freelancer?

Today’s blog post topic is the love child of conversations with a couple of friends who are about to make the step into this freelance world and a pretty big case of impostor syndrome that I had this week. What do these two things have in common? The question “how do I actually add value as a freelancer”

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Networking for people who hate networking.

When I stopped working for my old company and stumbled into the freelance world, there was one thing that I dreaded. Like, as in, hands-sweaty-no-don’t-talk-to-me-about-it-I’m-pretending-not-to-be-here-dreaded. NETWORKING.

Networking. For me, this is like … I don’t know, like if you put a snowman on the beach or something. I really really really don’t feel comfortable walking up to people that I don’t know, introducing myself and pitching them something. 

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Why being emotional is a good thing

I’ve had this topic flying around in my head for some time now, and it just doesn’t go away. Have you ever been called “emotional” - in a really bad way? 

If you ask this question in real life, it gets interesting. You ask a woman - the answer almost always is yes. You ask a man - they look at you as if you’ve just arrived from a different solar system. 

Curious, huh. So ladies, today, this post is for you. 

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