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hannaontheroad Podcast Shownotes Episode 29: It looks like a bib!

Hello lovelies, and welcome to another episode of the hannaontheroad podcast! Here's a quick overview of what goes down in episode 29:

  • I talk about my policy on showing acquisitions, gifts & reviews after receiving a lovely email about that topic after last episode.
  • I share that I've been selected as an official EYF (Edinburgh Yarn Festival) podcaster, wohooo!! Can't wait for EYF!
  • I show you the progress on my two current WIPs.
  • ...
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hannaontheroad Podcast Shownotes Episode 28: Meet The Immortalists!

Happy New Year, everyone! I'm so excited to kick start 2018 with a new podcast episode and even more so to be able to do it introducing you to a fabulous book I had the pleasure of previewing. The Immortalists is Chloe Benjamin's second novel, and you can hear me gush about it (and talking about a super exciting collaboration between Chloe's publisher and Quince & Co.!) in this latest episode of the hannaontheroad podcast.

I'm also going through six FOs - although, spoiler alert, most of them are already gifted - and two Works in Progress as well as a few lovely things that arrived in my mailbox in the last weeks.

Last, but not least, I'm rounding up the episode with a glimpse into my plans for my businesses for this year which I hope you'll find interesting and as exciting as I do!

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hannaontheroad Podcast Shownotes Episode 26: Send coffee, please!

Episode 26 of the hannaontheroad podcast focuses on ALL the making - a new FO, a few WIPs, and introduces two special womxn who are doing amazing things with locally sourced yarn!

I also answer Yarn Flakes' question on how to balance exploring the various things our creative minds are attracted to and having an efficient business image on Instagram! (Plus, I just basically want ALL the coffee during the entire recording of this episode.)

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hannaontheroad Podcast Shownotes Episode 23: Blurrymania!

First up: APOLOGIES! I managed to sit so close to the camera that I'm actually out of focus almost the entire time :/ Luckily though, it's only a short episode and I don't have a lot of knitting to show so if it bothers you, simply listen without watching. Ehm. You know what I mean!

I'm showing you my two current WIPs, and then there's a longer section on podcast recommendations before I round out the episode with a talk about self-care and what I've been up to lately.

Without further ado, meet Blurrymania! :

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hannaontheroad Podcast Shownotes Episode 21: Mountains & sunburn!

Today I have a very special episode for you, recorded straight in the mountains of the Dolomites! I'm spending a few days with family and friends here on wonderful hikes, long stretches of reading and getting sunburnt. In episode 21, I'm announcing the winners of the #LinenKAL, opening another giveaway, share four knitting projects with you and dive deeper into how I organize my business.

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