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Want to take your creative business to the next level? Not sure which of your business ideas to pursue? Fear not - I'm here to help!

My Creative Boss Coaching includes 5 emails and 1 coaching call focused on finding YOUR idea, your brand, building a website, starting your marketing efforts, and staying productive. 

Every email contains a worksheet with tasks to complete that set you on the path to grow your business mindfully.

You can choose if you want to receive a new email every three days, once a week or every two weeks - schedules are different, and I want to honor that!

I’m so glad I joined the program! It really helped me a lot with reaching my goal of finding out where I want to go with my small business and how I can get there.
— Verena Cohrs, Knitwear Designer (The Wool Club)

What are we going to work on?

Business ideas - how to choose the right one?

Which one of the 137 ideas you have for your business is the right one to tackle right now? Sounds hard, but fear not - you'll learn how to prioritize your ideas taking into account both how you feel about them and how viable they are financially (depending on what you ultimately want to achieve with your creative business!).

Marketing - which channels to use?

Social Media can be a bit overwhelming, I admit it. This is why we break it down and figure out one channel for you to focus on for an entire month. You'll learn how to define your style and plan your content - and track your success!

Branding - how to create and use your own brand!

Define the purpose of your creative business, learn how you position yourself in your market and what your target group looks like - and we'll bring it home by combining all of that into your own personal branding guide that reflects your personality and helps you in all your future communications!

Productivity - how to stay focused?

Being your own boss is hard. Deciding what to tackle next, keeping yourself focused on the task at hand and not giving up when it's hard is difficult at times. This is why we'll work on how to set goals for yourself and how to follow through with them!

Website - how to set it up and create content!

Yes, you do need a website. And no, it's not hard to set one up - we'll develop the website structure that fits your purpose best together! Plus, you get tons of information on how to write convincing content, source pictures and set your site up. Bonus - an additional worksheet for tracking your website performance!

Plus: Your 60 min Skype coaching call with me!

Pick any of the topics you tackled in your worksheet and we'll talk them through! You get a lot of love (and a kick in the butt if necessary) and your own personal next steps email at the end. 

In your 60 minute coaching call...

  • You get my undivided attention, our joint creativity and (if necessary) some gentle honesty and a kick in the b***.
  • We discuss up to three topics of your choice - anything from our worksheets, or other business-related questions!
  • We develop a set of tasks for you to continue growing your business after the Creative Boss Coaching is done. 

We are going to get you to where you want to be. Promise.

I especially liked the coaching call and the email afterwards, because that was really about what I personally can do and is important for me.
— Saskia Maass, Indie Dyer & Yarn Company Owner (Ovis Et Cetera)

PLUS - A little bonus:

You get access to my exclusive Creative Boss Facebook Group where you can meet and chat with like-minded creative business owners! We'll tackle the touch questions like how to price your products and how to handle a difficult customer review together and celebrate each other's wins.

And that's not all: Once a month I'll be doing a live Q&A session answering all your creative business questions!

Hanna, I think your energy is really what makes this program different. I loved the tone of the worksheets — not too serious! — and it kept things interesting and fun while also teaching me about how I should run my business.
— Kemper Wray, Indie Dyer & Yarn Company Owner (Junkyarn)

Frequently asked questions

  • Is this program right for me? If you're a creative (indie dyer, knitwear designer, author, illustrator, magician, you name it) and you a) want to start your own business or b) have been running your own creative business for up to two years and you want a kick in the b*** or a helping hand to take it to the next level, then YES.
  • When does it start? The next class is going to open in early 2017. Leave your email address up above or sign up for my newsletter to get notified when sign ups start!
  • How often do I get the emails? That depends on you! You can choose between three schedules: either get a new email every three days, every week or every two weeks.
  • How much does it cost? Early Bird Pricing is EUR 249 / USD 279 and usually available for one to two weeks. After that, enrollment is open until the class starts, but the price goes up to EUR 299 / USD 335.
  • I don't have a credit card! Are there other ways to pay? Absolutely! Just send me an email and I'll send you the payment details for PayPal and bank transfer.
  • Why should I join? Because it's awesome. And it will help you reflect on where you want to take your business and make a plan (like a really detailed one) how to get there. AND you get to meet other amazing creative business owners!
  • Why should I trust you? a) Because I've built my own creative business based on everything I teach you in the program and b) because the program has been beta tested extensively. This is what two of them had to say afterwards: 
    • "I’m so glad I joined the program! It really helped me a lot with reaching my goal of finding out where I want to go with my small business and how I can get there.” (Verena Cohrs, knitwear designer behind The Wool Club)
    • “Hanna, I think your energy is really what makes this program different. I loved the tone of the worksheets — not too serious! — and it kept things interesting and fun while also teaching me about how I should run my business.” (Kemper Wray, owner of yarn company Junkyarn)
  • What is the difference between Creative Boss Coaching and your consulting? Creative Boss Coaching is a program I designed for you to take your business to the next level - with self-paced worksheet work and lots of exercises. It contains tons of information and business insights, but you have to be willing to put in the work to really get the benefits out of it. In my consulting work the project focus is on one or two of the five topics you get in CBC - for example being a sparring partner to prioritize your business ideas with you or developing a marketing plan with you. Long story short - if you're a creative business owner who's interested in a complete business review and wants to grow their business, but doesn't really know how, take CBC. If you are only interested in one or two topics of CBC, contact me to discuss a consulting collaboration!
  • What if I'm not happy with the program? One of the main reasons I've tested this program with a group of amazing beta testers is that I wanted to make sure that it's really, really valuable. I've only had extremely good feedback from them - however, sometimes it's just not for you. If that is the case and you really don't like the program, contact me and we can discuss a refund or a transfer to my 1on1 consulting.