WHAT is the creative boss scholarship?

The Creative Boss Scholarship is a free 3 months program that I am offering to women who are building their own business and would like to have help with it, but are not able to afford my Creative Boss Coaching services. 

The scholarship includes

  • A monthly 1 hour coaching call for the duration of the program (i.e. 3 calls in total)
  • Unlimited email support - you can ask me anything, anytime!
  • Lifetime access to my Creative Boss Slack channel

The fourth Creative Boss Scholarship starts at the beginning of February and will run until the end of April

What I liked most about the Scholarship is that it focused me, and it helped me pin down my business goals. Additionally, it gave me the tools and the confidence I needed to pursue my dreams!

I found that setting achievable goals during our monthly calls was a great way to break down the tasks ahead of me, and it also kept me accountable.
— Am Khachatryan, Owner of Oysters & Purls

WHy do i offer it?

I believe it’s now more important than ever that we stand together and support each other as women. We as female business owners are the living proof that they are wrong - they being everyone who humiliates women, talks them down or doubts them. 

Helping each other to grow our businesses is feminism at its core. This is why I want to offer my services to women who might not otherwise be able to afford them and help them start or grow their creative business.

I also aim to inspire a "paying-it-forward" spirit by asking every scholarship holder to use their talents to support the female community.

Although we’d only met a couple of times before beginning the scholarship, it felt immediately like I was working with an old friend! I will say I was quite nervous before the first call, but it didn’t last long once we started talking. I felt so comfortable asking all the questions in my mind, never feeling that a question was too small or silly to bring up.

Hanna Lisa’s depth of knowledge and experience, and your ability to easily explain a concept is immediately apparent and her enthusiasm and excitement is just infectious! All in all, it was an absolute joy working with her!
— Kelly Rogerson, Owner of SeaworthyKnots

WHo is eligible for the scholarship?

You need to be

  • A woman (cis- or transgender)
  • Planning to start or already running your own creative business - it does not have to be full-time, it can be part time in addition to your day job
  • Willing to work with me and put in the effort to fully use everything I offer in this scholarship. There's no free lunch - it's going to be work!
  • Not able to afford my coaching services - for comparison, my rate for one 1 hour coaching call is €149 net.
  • Willing to pay it forward to the female community.

How do I apply?

Applications for the third Creative Boss Scholarship are open until February 4. You will be informed by February 5 if you've been selected. 

To apply, please send an email with the following details to hello@hannalisahaferkamp.com:

  • Quick intro - I'd love to hear who you are and what you're passionate about! 
  • Your business idea - Tell me a little bit about the business you're running or planning to start.
  • What you'd like to work on in the scholarship - What are the top three things you would want me to help you with? 
  • How you are going to pay it forward - Tell me how you would use your talents and ideas to support the female community.
  • Eligibility - Last, but not least, please write a few sentences referring back to the points on eligibility above. I'm not asking you to submit income statements - I trust in you that you know if you can afford to pay for my services and wouldn't take up a spot of someone in need.