Join the Get Shit Done Challenge!

It's back! Starting May 28.


For everyone who is new: The Get Shit Done Challenge is a free four week challenge for everyone who runs a creative business.

You choose a project that you want to work on and in four weeks, we're going to complete it from start to finish.

How does it work?

At the beginning of the Get Shit Done Challenge, you pick a project and set a goal.

Over the four weeks, we'll complete the project together - with the help of weekly emails with videos from me, our awesome Get Shit Done Challenge Facebook group, and bi-weekly live Q&A sessions!

Why should You join?

  1. Sometimes we just need a little push to actually get started on that thing we always wanted to do (like setting up that Etsy shop) - and the Get Shit Done Challenge is exactly that nudge.

  2. Daily life as a creative business owner means that sometimes there's not enough time to tackle the big projects. The Get Shit Done Challenge is your chance to cross one of these big projects off your to do list!

  3. You generate momentum! By completing this one project successfully you got the ball rolling - and trust me, that will have a massive impact on everything else you do!

What you'll GET:

  • Weekly emails with short videos tackling the topic of the week:
    • Week 0: Pick a project & set a goal
    • Week 1: Make a task list, split the tasks across the weeks & start working!
    • Week 2: How to get from weekly to daily to dos
    • Week 3: How to make the best use of your time
    • Week 4: What to do when you feel stuck or hit a roadblock
    • Week 5: What's next?
  • An invitation to the Get Shit Done Challenge Facebook Group - our main hub for the challenge with prompts every other day and the place where you'll meet all the other creative business owners participating!
  • Bi-weekly live streams in the FB Group for extra tips and tricks and to answer all of your questions.

Can't wait to get shit done with you from May 28!