Not enjoying instagram anymore?

I get it. And I think I can help.

Instagram is stressing you out - or you realize it's 6pm and you haven't posted anything yet and are out of ideas (and light)? I've been there.

This is why I've put together a free Instagram planner for you - everything you need to plan your month on IG on two sheets.


Want to get really good at setting and completing goals?

Sounds scary, but it's really easy in reality!

My free Goal Setting Worksheet sets up you with a range of templates how to structure your work from planning your year to writing your daily to do list.

Want to grow your Instagram?

Learn how to build up your following while staying true to yourself!

My free Instagram Guide explains everything I did over a year to grow my Instagram following by over 500% - from how to select topics to creating a community that loves your content!



I love trying and using new technologies and apps in running my creative business, but there are a trusted few ones that I always go back to:

My website runs on Squarespace - and I haven't looked back since switching. Easy-to-use templates and beautiful design from the get go make it super easy to set up a gorgeous website in a few hours!


ConvertKit is my go-to email provider - I love it because of its automation features and neat way to send emails to very, very specific target groups! 


Evernote keeps me sane - I keep all my business check lists and notes and email templates in it. I also keep a running list of ideas and "someday / maybe" items in it!

Disclaimer: The links to ConvertKit and Evernote are Referral Links, meaning I earn either money (in the case of ConvertKit) or points (in the case of Evernote) should you decide to create an account with them. That being said, I wouldn't recommend them if I didn't use them myself and believe in them.